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New Delhi: Indian Government dying hard to digitalise the whole payment system. In a move to pick up the pace, they are offering a slew of lucrative offers. But amid this, a Mumbai-based content producer tried an experiment and pay his bills with coins at a fancy restaurant. The guy Siddhesh Lokare used just pennies to pay his bill at a high-end restaurant and stunned people around.

The inventor of the Instagram Reel decided to get dressed up and visit the Taj Mahal Palace while wearing a suit. He further disclosed that Ragda Puri there costs about Rs 800 as he placed his food order. After a few frames, he placed an order for a typical pizza and mocktail, followed by a request for the bill. (Also Read: SBI vs PNB vs HDFC vs BoB: Latest Home Loan Interest Rate Compared)

The creator astonished everyone by pulling out a bag full of coins and beginning to count them as soon as the waiter came back with the bill. In order to lighten the mood when the waiter returned to collect the check, the inventor can be heard stating, “National Union Chillar Party.” (Also Read: THESE Farmers to Get Rs 3000 Monthly Pension With PM Mandhan Scheme- Check Eligibility, Benefits, Other Details)

With a smirk, the waiter replied, “I need to count the money.” The creator added that he could hear sounds coming from the kitchen as the workers were adding up the monies.

He posted the entire video on Instagram. The social site buzzes with reactions once the post goes viral. “Taj hotel me bhi kaand kar ke aa gaya yaar, Transaction matter karta hai yaar, phir chaahein dollar se karo ya chillar se,” he pens down the caption of the post.

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