Do You Eat Chai Biscuit Every Morning? Heres Why You Should Stop

Most of us wake ourselves up with a warm beverage. Sipping piping hot chai or coffee in the morning gives us the motivation to face the long day ahead. If you’re a tea drinker, you probably dunk a biscuit or two into your drink. This chai-biscuit combination is beloved by people of all ages – it’s so simple, easy and comforting. But did you know that consuming it on an empty stomach is a bad idea? While you may feel that your daily chai biscuit is nourishing you, its components can actually damage your health in the long run. In a recent Instagram reel, dietitian Manpreet Kalra explained why tea and biscuit is “the worst meal to start the day.”
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Tea and Biscuits should never be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. Photo Credit: Pixabay

According to Manpreet, this food combination can lead to insulin resistance, belly fat, acidity and other gut health issues. If you drink tea on an empty stomach, you risk disrupting your digestive system. Excessive consumption may lead to constipation. It is also believed to negatively affect the absorption of other nutrients, such as iron. When combined with biscuits, the impact of tea is worsened because of the sugar content of biscuits. Along with refined sugar, biscuits usually contain wheat flour and saturated fats. These elements tend to further contribute to acidity issues. After you wake up, you need to drink something alkaline that will restore balance to the stomach (which has become acidic overnight as a result of natural processes). So what are your options? Dietitian Manpreet has some great suggestions:
1. Saunf water
If you have digestive issues, Manpreet recommends this drink to help reduce inflammation of the gut and relieve GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). Click here for the full recipe for saunf water
2. Coriander seeds water
If you often feel bloated, this drink is a good choice. It stimulates digestive enzymes and prevents flatulence, says the Dietitian.
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3. Aloe Vera Juice
If you are prone to constipation, note that this juice can have a laxative effect. Watch this video to learn how to make Aloe Vera Juice at home
4. Coconut Water with Cinnamon
According to Manpreet, drinking coconut water with cinnamon can help combat early-morning sugar cravings, since it regulates blood sugar levels and improves leptin sensitivity.


Substitute your early morning chai with coconut water to avoid acidity. Photo Credit: Unsplash

5. Coconut water with Halim Seeds
This drink is not only a healthy way to begin your day. It also helps in reducing hair fall, says the dietitian. She explains that this drink is “rich in iron, promotes hair growth and prevents breakage by stimulating hair follicles on the scalp.”
Watch the original reel here:

It is said that old habits die hard. But if you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle, you must take steps to avoid common mistakes. Postpone your chai for a later time of the day. Swap out packaged biscuits for some healthy crackers. Choose a healthy drink when you wake up and begin your day on the right note!
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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. India07 does not claim responsibility for this information.

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