Zerodha, Upstox, Canva Services Affected as Brief Outage hits Cloudfare

The problem has been fixed, and websites utilising Cloudfare services are now operational.

As a result of a Cloudflare outage, a number of websites and online services, including Zerodha, Upstox, Omegle, Feedly, DoorDash, and Discord, were temporarily unavailable on Tuesday.

On Twitter, the Cloudflare team recognised the outage and stated that they were working on a solution. The issue has been fixed, and websites utilising Cloudfare services are now operating normally.

56% of users experienced access issues with Zerodha, 33% reported access issues with the app, and 11% reported login troubles, according to

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Brokerage app Zerodha also suffered a brief downtime, as its Kite platform had connectivity challenges. Zerodha acknowledged this via Twitter, stating, “We are receiving complaints of occasional connectivity issues on Kite via the Cloudflare network for users on some ISPs.

In the interim, please try a different Internet connection.”

“Cloudflare, the network transit, proxy, and security provider utilised by the majority of the world’s internet enterprises, is experiencing a global outage. Please try a different ISP if you are unable to access our websites or apps, since a different route may work “internet brokerage firm advised.

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