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You on Netflix became an instant hit with audiences for its thrilling premise and plot. Since the second season of You has been released, the series has become one of the popular web series on Netflix. For almost a year now, fans have been looking forward to getting a glimpse of the upcoming season through a trailer or teaser.

The internet is filled with lots of conflicting information regarding the series such as rumors, theories and spoilers. In this article, we’ll explore them and try to appease the hearts of fans of the series.

You Season 3: Theories

If you’ve ever read or come across Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel, you already know what awaits viewers. But a recent development states that you may be able to take your own path and become independent of the source.

One of the pivotal theories that has come to light is that Ellie Joe is going to film and release it to the world. After this incident, Joe will be charged and arrested. The theory really puts a twist in the plot of you. Another theory suggests that Will would return and reclaim his stolen identity. Whatever happens, the fans make a profit.

You Season 3: Rumors

Initially, the rumor that the show was circulating on the internet made a stir that there will be no third season. But the showrunner, Sera Gamble, closed the rumor with a tweet about the series’ completion.

‘You’ has reportedly entered the post-production phase for the third season.

Time for spoilers!

Readers will be happy to know that there are no spoilers related to the third season. But recent development suggests the series will feature new characters. In addition, the old and the ones that have been written off will be viewed through flashbacks.


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