Your name can reach Jupiter’s moon, American space agency NASA is giving this opportunity, take advantage like this

If you are interested in moon and stars. If the hustle and bustle of space attracts you, then there is a unique opportunity to ‘reach’ the planet Jupiter. American space agency NASA is sending a spacecraft to Jupiter’s moon Europa, in which you can enroll your name. According to NASA, the names will be added to a microchip that will be sent to the spacecraft.

People have been invited to carve their names next to a poem by American poet Ada Limon as part of the “Message in a Bottle” project. Europa Clipper, a solar-powered robotic spacecraft, will carry microchips named Laser. It will be launched in October 2024. After traveling for about six years, the spacecraft will reach the orbit of the moon of Jupiter. During this time the spacecraft will travel 2.6 billion kilometers.

More than 8 lakh people registered their names
According to NASA, till now more than 8 lakh people have registered their names. Once all the names are collected, technicians at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will prepare a microchip using an electron beam. Names will be engraved on this coin-sized silicon microchip. You will be surprised to know that a name will be inscribed on a space of only 75 nanometers i.e. less than 1/1000th of the width of a human hair. The original poem ‘In Praise of Mystery’ by American poet Ada Limon will also be inscribed on the chip. This poem and name printed on the exterior of the spacecraft will be like a message in a bottle, which will circle the world approximately 50 times.

You can register your name like this
You can also register your names for this mission. American space agency NASA has also shared its link, by clicking which you can fill your name and other information. First go to the link. Here you will be asked for your name. Then you have to fill the email address. Then a message will come as soon as your name is entered. In which it will be told how your name will be registered.

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