Yogi Adityanath is re-elected as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and he will take the oath tomorrow


He was elected the legislative party’s leader ahead of his inauguration tomorrow.

In the recently concluded assembly elections, Yogi Adityanath led his party to a landslide victory.

Yogi Adityanath, who was formally elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by BJP legislators today, reminded his audience that he was the first Chief Minister in the state to serve a second consecutive term. The BJP also demonstrated that elections can be “fought on nationalism and good governance” in this election, he added.

UP Chief Minister
UP Chief Minister

In the recently concluded elections, the BJP won a second term in a row, breaking a nearly 40-year-old record. Yogi Adityanath, citing his personal record, said, “In 2017, the party had faith in me. I was just a regular MP with no administrative experience, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister were like guardians for me, teaching me how to run the state of Uttar Pradesh well “..

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“As a Member of Parliament, you can know a lot of things, but how to govern and administer is something else entirely,” said the Chief Minister, who is also a five-time Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur.

“One can be an MP in a small space, but to govern a state like UP is a different ballgame, and thanks to the guidance I received, we have been able to provide good governance to UP,” added the Chief Minister-elect, who has been heavily chastised by the opposition in the run-up to the election for his handling of the second wave of Covid and other governance issues.

“The opposition and those seeking to destabilise the country were all attempting to influence the outcome of this election, but with the Prime Minister leading the way, we have demonstrated that this election can be fought on the basis of nationalism and good governance,” he added.

Union Minister Amit Shah, the party’s Central Observer for Uttar Pradesh, spoke at the event, calling it a “matter of pride that history is being scripted today.”

“No party has won two majorities in a row in 35 years, but we’ve done it twice with a two-thirds majority,” added the BJP’s chief strategist, who had warned months ago about the importance of this election for the general election in 2024.

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