Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Plot

The American drama series “Yellowstone” has successfully rolled out 3 of its seasons. The show follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States. It is set in a beautiful backdrop, heightened by the conflicts taking place across the border between indigenous reserves and national parks. The show often takes a melodramatic route that is overshadowed by the talented cast.

The show has released a new season every year since June 2018. Last year, way ahead of season 3, the show was renewed for a fourth season, so now fans are wondering if the show is coming soon. Here’s everything we know so far.

Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date:

Yellowstone has been pretty punctual in rolling out its season each year. All 3 Seasons had premiered around June 20, so speculation was predicting a June release alongside chef Joseph Ranch’s Instagram post, which had also suggested a June release when filming was completed in November. But here we are, on the curb, and there is no information.

Also, the network hasn’t released a trailer so far, which leads us to suspect that the creators may be playing with the release dates a bit this time around. We’re assuming the show won’t be out in June after all, but we’re hoping for a release soon.

Yellowstone Season 4 Cast:

Yellowstone Season 4

There’s no official cast announcement for Season 4. Still, we’re assuming that, in addition to the lead actor John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, we’re sure to return, along with the new faces that had just appeared in Season 3, including Josh Holloway, Karen Pittman and Will Patton.

Yellowstone Season 4: Plot and Spoilers

Recently, we were gasping when a bomb exploded in Keith Dutton’s office while John and Kayce were shot in different places. Now we don’t know if they survived, which is why Season 4 will begin shedding light on who survived the attacks. We’ll also find out if Duttons can finally improve their relationship with the native tribe.

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