Yashwant Singh who vacated the seat for Adityanath is now suspended from BJP

Yashwant Singh has all the reasons to feel betrayed with the acts of his fellow party members. Back in 2017, when Yogi Adityanath was an MP and became the sudden Chief Minister, Singh – an MLC from Samajwadi Party at that time – had to vacate his legislative Council seat. Eventually, Adityanath got elected to the House from that same seat. And Five years have passed since that day. Though Adityanath does not need any help at present, Singh has been suspended from the party for six years, allegedly for pushing a little too hard for his son.

His expulsion was pretty surprising, considering how close he is to Adityanath. The closeness is not just because of Singh’s role in the 2017 seat, but also because of his association with Adityanath’s guru, Mahant Avaidyanath.

Singh has apparently received no such expulsion orders, and has only heard the news of expulsion through the media.

He came into politics following the ideologies of the former prime minister and socialist leader, Chandra Shekhar. He was jailed at the time of emergency, and still gets a pension for that. He even has a charity in Chandra Shekhar’s name in Azamgarh. Singh claims to have gotten in touch with Yogi Adityanath through their mutual guru, Avaidyanath. 

In the assembly elections conducted recently, Adityanath won from his urban seat in Gorakhpur. In his expulsion letter that was issued on Monday, the party said that the officials had received several complaints from regional and district units about Vikrant Singh aka Rinshu, Singh’s son. He was known to be contesting as an independent candidate against the BJP’s nominee in the upcoming Legislative Council elections. Also, Singh was known to be canvassing for Rinshu.

On the other hand, former MLA from the party, Arun Kumar Yadav is the BJP candidate and the son of the Samajwadi MLA in Azamgarh.

Singh denied the claims that he is campaigning for his son, though he accepted that his son is contesting as an independent candidate. He said that no one from the state or local district units or his son asked him to campaign.

Furthermore, Singh says that he did not demand any ticket for his son. Also, he pointed out that the BJP did not give a ticket to his son for the Zila panchayat elections last year, even though his son was a zila panchayat member on the Samajwadi Party ticket. He came to the BJP with his father, but the BJP refused to give him a ticket because he was the son of an MLC.

Singh has been a part of a number of political parties in his career. His first assembly election was from Mubarakpur in Azamgarh back in 1985 as a BJP candidate, but he lost. He lost again in 1991 from the same party. In 2002, he joined the Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJNSP), and once again lost the elections that year as the candidate. It is now time to wait and see what the future unfolds for Singh in the BJP.

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