Yamaha Price Hike Jan 2023

Among Yamaha price hike for Jan 2023, lowest percentage hike is for R15 V4 Racing Blue at just 0.54%, highest for FZ 25 at 2.04%

Yamaha R15 Prices Jan 2023
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Yamaha India currently lacks big bikes and budget commuters. Not that Yamaha India never had any. As of now, new R7 and MT-09 have been teased and are set to launch. Yamaha might bring in R3 and MT-07 as well, which isn’t officially teased or confirmed. Till then, Yamaha’s motorcycle portfolio starts from FZ and ends with R15.

Scooter portfolio starts from Fascino 125 and ends with Aerox 155. Yamaha periodically hikes prices of its vehicles across the range. Last such price hike happened in October 2022. Yamaha India has hiked prices for its vehicles for Jan 2023 as well. There is an increase in prices across the range, sans FZ and FZ S. Let’s take a look at the updated prices.

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices Jan 2023

Among all of its motorcycles, Yamaha FZ 25 and FZS 25 gets the highest price hike. Both models prices have been hiked by Rs. 3,000 and entry-level FZ 25 now starts from 1,49,900 (ex-sh). Interestingly, the smallest of FZ family, FZ-FI and FZS-FI with 149cc engines gets no price hike. This is Yamaha’s highest-selling vehicle and is understood why it is exempt from this hike.

FZ-X gets a hike of Rs. 1,500 with new prices starting from 1,34,400 (ex-sh). Stepping up the price ladder, we have Yamaha MT15. This model has different pricing for varied colours. However, the price increment across the range for MT15 is Rs. 1,000. Prices now start from 1,64,400 for Black shade and go till Rs. 1,66,400 for MotoGP Edition (prices ex-sh).

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices Jan 2023
Yamaha Motorcycle Prices Jan 2023

R15S a.k.a. R15 V3, also gets a price hike of just Rs. 1,000. Being a generation old, new prices fall below R15 V4 at Rs. 1,62,900 (ex-sh). Speaking of R15 V4, all the non-M variants that miss out on a quick shifter and additional tech, get a price hike of just Rs. 1,000.

But R15M V4 Metallic Grey gets a price hike of 2,500 and WGP 60th Edition and MotoGP Edition gets a price hike of 1,500. As a whole, R15 V4 prices now start from 1,79,900 for Metallic Red and go till 1,93,400 for MotoGP Edition (all prices ex-sh).

Yamaha Scooter Prices Jan 2023

Yamaha’s scooter portfolio gets a price hike across the board, unlike motorcycle portfolio where FZ is exempt. Range starts from Fascino 125. There is a flat Rs. 1,000 hike for drum brake variants and Rs. 1,700 increments for disc brake variants. In effect, revised pricing for Fascino starts from Rs. 77,100 and goes till Rs. 88,730 for Special Edition (prices ex-sh).

Yamaha Scooter Prices Jan 2023
Yamaha Scooter Prices Jan 2023

Same logic applies to RayZR as well. Drum brake variants have been hiked by Rs. 1,000 and disc brake variants by Rs. 1,700. Yamaha’s flagship scooter, Aerox 155, gets a price hike of Rs. 1,500 for both standard variant and MotoGP variant. Prices for RayZR now start from Rs. 81,230 and Aerox 155 from Rs. 1,40,800.

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