XUV700 Sales Cross 65k In 2022

In the mid-size SUV segment, Mahindra XUV700 leads the sales charts by a significant margin, followed by the Tata Harrier + Safari

New Mahindra XUV700 Records Sales
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The mid-size SUV segment in India is a hugely popular segment. There have been a host of automakers marking their entry into this space over the past few years while competition is set to increase in 2023, thanks to the launch of new Innova HyCross.

The current lineup, which includes the likes of Mahindra XUV700, Tata Harrier and Safari and MG Hector and Hector Plus, compete with each other. However, there is no match for the Mahindra XUV700 that stands ahead of each of the others in terms of sales last year. Mahindra XUV700 is currently offered in five and seven seater options. The Hector and Harrier have five seats while Hector Plus and Safari have six and seven seater options.

Mid-Size SUV Sales in CY 2022

Assessing total sales in CY 2022, XUV700 commands a 45.89 percent market share. Total sales registered by the said SUVs in the past year stood at 1,42,452 units out of which 65,371 units were contributed by the XUV700. Tata Harrier+Safari sales stood at 54,450 units while MG Hector/Hector Plus had a total of 22,631 unit sales.

Mahindra XUV700 saw average monthly sales of 5,448 units. Sales in the first quarter saw a steady increase each month from Jan-Mar 2022 and stood at 14,297 units. Tata Harrier+Safari sales were at 13,521 units in Q1 2022 while there had been 6,160 units of MG Hector/Hector Plus sold during the same period.

Mid Size SUV Sales 2022 - XUV700 vs Harrier vs Safari vs Hector
Mid Size SUV Sales 2022 – XUV700 vs Harrier vs Safari vs Hector

Sales of each of these mid-sized SUVs continued to grow in Q2 2022 period with 15,585 units of the XUV700 sold again higher than 14,776 units of Tata Harrier+Safari and. MG Hector/Hector Plus continued to lag behind with 5,483 units sold during the April-June period.

Total sales in this quarter stood at 35,844 units. H1 2022 sales thus ended with a total of 69,822 units sold out of which 29,882 units were contributed by Mahindra XUV700 while Tata Harrier+Safari sales stood at 28,297 units and MG Hector/Plus sales were at 11,643 units.

XUV700 H2 2022 Sales Rise

Q3 2022 ended with a total of 38,814 units sold. XUV700 sales were at 18,350 units along with 14,454 units of Tata Harrier+Safari and 6,010 units of MG Hector/Plus. Q4 saw each of these models in the mid-size SUV segment suffer lower sales.

Total sales in the last 3 months of the year dipped to 33,816 units with 17,139 units of XUV700 and 11,699 units of Tata Harrier+Safari and 4,978 units of MG Hector/Plus. H2 2022 ended with 72,630 unit sales in this segment with the Mahindra XUV700 contributing close to 50% at 35,489 units.

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