Would you like to spend the night at this lighthouse? Built on a hill hundreds of feet high, in the middle of the sea

There are many places on earth which remain a mystery to people. Today we are going to tell you about one such lighthouse. Which are not only helpful in navigation for ships, but are also a wonderful example of architecture. For people who like adventure, this place is no less than heaven. This video is going viral on social media these days.

We are talking about Pridrangar Lighthouse. It is located on the highest point of three rocks six miles from the Icelandic coastline. There are three rocks here, but it was built in 1939 on top of a very steep and dangerous rock. The only way to reach here is helicopter. If you too are looking for a quiet place then this is the best place. However, in July 2015, six workers were sent by helicopter to maintain the lighthouse. The video he shared is heart-wrenching.

only water all around
The workers spent the night on the island, but they did not sleep throughout the night. The workers told the National Broadcast that there was only water all around. The height is so high that if someone falls, breathing gets interrupted. Looking through binoculars, deadly whales were seen swimming in the water below. Which can swallow anyone in one go. The special thing is that it helps ships to find their way. The heart of any lighthouse is its light source. This lighthouse has an advanced Fresnel lens, which illuminates it. This ensures that it is visible even from a great distance. It guides ships even in the worst conditions.

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