World Ocean Day 2022: Learn why this day was created and what the theme is this year

2022 is the International Year of the Ocean. Oceans are a symbol of life on Earth and play an important role in environmental balance. Oceans cover roughly two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. The purpose of commemorating World Ocean Day today, June 8, is to raise public awareness about the importance of ocean conservation.

World Ocean Day 2022: Every year on June 8th, World Ocean Day is commemorated to raise global awareness about the vital role of oceans in human life and the need for conservation efforts. Oceans are a major source of food and medicine, as well as a vital component of the biosphere, so their preservation is critical.

The Origins of World Oceans Day

With the world’s rapid development, the rate of contamination of the oceans has accelerated at the same time. To avoid this, in 1992, it was decided to hold a forum in Rio de Janeiro called “Planet Earth” to commemorate World Oceans Day every year. The International Center for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada presented the concept at the Earth Summit. Its goal was to raise awareness about the effects of human activities on the oceans, create a global citizen movement for the oceans, and bring the entire world together on a project to manage oceans sustainably across the country. After the United Nations recognized this observation in 2008, the day began to be celebrated internationally on June 8th every year in collaboration with ‘The Ocean Project’ and ‘World Ocean Network.’

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World Ocean Day
World Ocean Day

The goal of World Ocean Day is to raise awareness about the importance of oceans.

The main goal of commemorating this day is to bring attention to issues such as biodiversity, food security, ecological balance, climate change, indiscriminate use of marine resources, and others, as well as to raise global awareness of the oceans’ challenges. Despite the fact that seas play a vital role in the earth and our lives, we pay little attention to their preservation. Rather than preserving it, we are contaminating it. As a result of increased human activity, the world’s oceans are becoming increasingly polluted.

2022 World Ocean Day Theme

Every year, World Ocean Day is commemorated with a theme, and this year’s theme is Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.

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