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In a world where the pace of life seems to accelerate with each passing day, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of brain health in children. The early years of a child’s life play a pivotal role in shaping their cognitive, emotional, and physical development, setting the foundation for a successful and fulfilling future. Investing in the well-being and development of young minds not only ensures their individual growth but also lays the groundwork for a thriving and prosperous society.

The importance and need to focus on caring for children in a holistic manner is a goal that doctors, educators, parents, and society understand well. On world brain day, let us remind ourselves what it means to nurture and nourish children’s minds.

Dr Dinika Anand, Clinical Psychologist, BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital explains the importance of brain health in children.

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World Brain Day: Importance Of Brain Health In Children

Dr Anand shares, firstly, nurturance for children’s brains have to be understood as a multidimensional construct that involves addressing and ensuring not just the absence of disease but also creating well-being through sound mental health.

Taking this holistic approach ensures a commitment towards brain health in children starting with focusing on rest and sleep as much as we focus on nutrition. Inculcating good sleep hygiene from a young age – bedtime routines that are not altered or shaped by the convenience and needs of adults, a physical environment that is conducive to good sleep, and so on are the foundation stones for a healthy mind.

Dr Anand further explains, at the other end of this pole is providing children with psychological and mental safety by helping them develop an understanding of their emotions as well as coping mechanisms for addressing these emotions.

Perhaps, this includes walking away from the popular belief that children don’t register or are not impacted by emotional conflict, discord, or difficulty in their home environments. Healthy minds are nourished by existing in a context where children feel the presence of love, safety, and stability.

In sum, nurturing young minds is about developing a perspective where we address not just the physical needs of the child but also focus on their mental and psychological development.

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