Woman officer arrested her fiance before her own marriage, know what is the matter

Before their wedding, Assam’s female sub-inspector arrested her own fiancee. The fiancé is said to have attempted to marry under a false name. Other people were also duped. The sub-inspector arrested his fiancee after conducting an investigation. On Wednesday evening, the accused was brought before a Nagaon court, where he was sentenced to two days in police custody.

The case is from Assam’s Nagaon district. Sub-Inspector Jonmani Rabha, in-charge of the Nagaon police station’s women’s cell, has arrested her fiance Rana Pagg for allegedly attempting to marry under a false identity and duping lakhs of rupees.

In January 2021, the two met

Pagg was first introduced to Jonmani Rabha in January 2021, while she was stationed in Majuli. Pagg allegedly introduced himself as ONGC’s public relations officer during this time. Pagg proposed to Jonmani a few days after the meeting, and he accepted. Following this, the families of Jonmani and Pagg met, and they became engaged in October 2021, with a wedding date set for November 2022.

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arrested her own fiancee
arrested her own fiancee

Because Jonmani had a degree in public relations and advertising, he began to have reservations about Pug’s working style in early 2022. When she met three people on Tuesday, her suspicions turned into confidence. According to the three men, Pagg defrauded Rs 25 lakh in the name of awarding the contract. After further investigation, Johnmani discovered that Pagg is not affiliated with ONGC.

Officers can be engaged by renting an SUV and private security personnel

During the investigation, Johnmoney discovered that Pagg was driving a hired SUV. He also had a personal security guard and driver to give the impression that he was a high-ranking officer.

Sub Inspector Johnmani Rabha had this to say

I took action against her (fiancee), according to Johnmani Rabha, after learning the truth about her. Several seals, fake ID proofs, incriminating documents, a laptop, multiple cellphones, and chequebooks have all been recovered. I thank God for everything and have no regrets. I want to send a clear message to the people of Assam that if they do something wrong, I will punish everyone, including my own family.

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