The Indian Premier League is on, and the teams have been feeling the heat. Bookies are busy changing their odds to align with public opinion, and punters are on the edges of their seats. Should they change their wagers, or should they see them through? The anxiety is palpable in the air, and as the finals draw near, it’s hard to tell just who will emerge the winners. As a result, punters have taken to reading the odds in sportsbooks, hoping to understand which way the wind will blow.

Moreover, they are moving from one bookie to the other, looking for the right bookie to trust with their wagers. And if you are in this boat, this 888sport review would be an excellent place to start. But what’s next after you find the right bookie? Placing a bet. We cover the current IPL favorites according to bookies in this guide:

IPL Favorites

When the IPL matches first started, it looked like Delhi Capitals were sure to win, and most bookies favored them. But recent events have caused a change of heart for most bookies and punters. While the team can still win, some other top contenders have come up and have proven to have what it takes to take the title home. Who are they?

Chennai Super Kings

When a team can keep up with its current squad abilities year after year, that instills confidence in its supporters. This year, the team came back with some interesting overseas choices and remarkable squad replacements. While their bowling team is somewhat statistically weak, they have kept up with the giants in the league. And if the odds are anything to go by, they could walk away as the winners.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

What do you get when you combine experience with a good bowling team? That’s what this team comprises. It features some of the best names, including Glenn Maxwell and Virat Kohli. And seeing as its bowling has not always been the best, it accounted for this by including names like Harshal Patel and Wanindu Hasaranga to bridge that gap. It explains their performance this season.

Mumbai Indians

With names like Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan on the team, it’s not hard to understand why the Mumbai Indians still have a fighting chance in the league. While their spin department is not the best, it has seen the team through its recent games. Add that they have impressive hitters, and the team is a force to reckon with in the league.

Delhi Capitals

This team was highly favored to bag the win when the IPL rankings first started, more so after the auction. Their strong batting order has not let them down, nor has their incredible bowling lineup. Even so, with the absence of a high-quality finisher in the lineup, the team has struggled to keep up with the odds. And as such, other favorites have gained favor in the eyes of the public and the bookies.

Punjab Kings

Very few teams can boast of excellent batting and bowling lineups. But this one does. Its fantastic squad has enabled it to remain a favorite during the season. And they have been giving other teams a pretty hard time as they fight for the top position.

Favorites change like the tides. One minute, a team is in the lead, and the next, they have suffered a defeat to an underdog. So, keep watching the IPL matches to gauge which team will likely emerge the winner. And take advantage of live betting when you can. All the best!

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