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Taking care of one’s health can prove to be a big challenge in winter. As temperatures drop significantly, many health issues can crop up, especially in those who have a low tolerance for winters and a weak immune system. The body reacts to changing weather and in people with heart diseases, this time of the year can prove to be a tricky one. Dr Varun Bansal, Consultant, Robotics and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, says, “Taking care of your health and being aware of symptoms is crucial, especially if you suffer from heart disease.” So here are 5 symptoms that you should especially be wary of in winter, says Dr Bansal.  

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack: Key heart health symptoms to look out for 

1) Aches in the chest: It can manifest as chest pain, tightness, or pressure while resting or engaging in physical activity. The sensation can be a warning sign of a coming heart attack if it lasts for a few minutes.

2) Pain in the left shoulder or the left arm:  Another important symptom of impending heart disease includes pain from the chest to the jaw, left shoulder, and left arm. This can be also an indication of an impending heart attack.

3) Light-headedness or dizziness: An unexpected sensation of losing equilibrium or feeling weak can be an indication of a dropping pulse. This indicates that the heart is unable to pump blood properly and might lead to sudden stroke, heart attack, or even death in a few patients.

4) Sweating: Sudden cold sweats can signal a heart problem, especially when the patient is at rest, sleeping, or sitting, and might signal a heart attack.

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As Dr Bansal says, “The above-mentioned symptoms are just a few that should not be ignored. Shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, vomiting, indigestion, leg or arm pain, choking sensation, swollen ankles, and extreme fatigue are all possible symptoms.” He adds that there may be a number of subtle signs that heart health is deteriorating. To remain healthy and to identify problems early, one shouldn’t put off seeking timely medical guidance, diagnosis, and treatment.





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