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Why is Trigonometry So Important in Math?


Math is known for its difficult concepts and chapters. This subject contains many interesting concepts. Math is the only subject that is completely based on practical data. There is nothing in maths that can be done theoretically. Due to this reason a child is never bored of this subject once he or she starts to get an interest in it. People always are afraid of this subject because it contains many difficult questions or lengthy questions in an examination which can take or consume much time. It is often said that if there is a silly mistake in the solution of a particular question, it can create or make the whole solution completely wrong. The trigonometry table is one of the most important things to learn in the whole concept of trigonometry.

Due to this reason, a student should always be aware of what he or she is doing while working on a solution to the question. Many tricks make these concepts easy to learn.  Trigonometry is an important concept of math that is very interesting. It deals with certain angles in a shape or particular lines.  A student must learn this table and some important things which are based on this concept.

What is trigonometry?

Trigonometry is the famous concept of maths that deals with the specific functions of an angle between two lines. in these two lines, there are angles with six different functions. These six different functions of an angle a commonly used in this concept of trigonometry. The name of these six functions in an angle are Sine(sin), Cosine(cos), Tangent(tan), Cosecant(cosec), Secant(sec), Cotangent(cot). The table which was discussed earlier was based on the values of these six functions based on different angles. these six functions of an angle can be found in any relation to a right angle triangle. The question from this concept may not be that difficult if a student knows the value which are given in the trigonometric table.

What is the use of trigonometry?

Every concept in maths has a particular use it. As we can see that there are already difficult concepts in maths. What is the meaning of learning these concepts if we do not have any use for them? Trigonometry is a concept in maths that is used to find an unknown angle between a shape or two lines. For example, there is a triangle that has two angles given but the third angle is unknown. In this case, trigonometry will help us. With the help of the functions which are given to us by trigonometry, we can find the unknown angle of that triangle by using the values of the two known angles. This is a concept which is famously used in some important processes like finding a certain height of a mountain, in engineering of different things like aircrafts or even in the making of some supercars. Trigonometry have a serious use in the future fields of a student. Therefore, a student must take this concept seriously as this concept can help that student in his or her further career.

So it can be concluded that trigonometry is a concept that may be difficult to learn but is very useful once it is learned. This concept can be used in other concepts like geometry which will help us in finding the unknown values easily. This concept is considered as one of the most important concepts in an examination of math. Every type of question could be asked from this concept of trigonometry.

Trigonometry basics must be clear by a student if he or she wants to do a particular solution from this concept. Cuemath is a platform where a student can easily go and clarify his or her doubt related to this concept. This is a good way of clarifying any doubt which in the mind of a student if he or she faces the problem while doing a solution.

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