Why Fewer Players Are Farming New World Gold These Days

It’s been rough for New World lately, and it just begs the question of whether this is the sign of the MMO’s reign about to end.

It’s been a few months since New World has launched, and while Amazon Game Studios was met with an overwhelmingly positive response for the first few weeks, the hype train died out soon enough. At first, players had a hard time getting into the servers they initially wanted because of the large influx of other people that were trying to get in.

There were even some that had to wait for a whole day on the game’s queue just to have the chance to play the MMO and grind for New World gold for a few hours. The launch was so successful that New World became one of the most concurrently played games in Steam’s history.

Yet, just shortly after that, the thousands of players who snapped to play the game for a few days dropped the MMO just as quickly. Is this a sign of the end for New World? Or is there any chance that Amazon Game Studios can rekindle the flame that their former players had for New World and bring them back.

The Last 24 Hours Have Been Rough for New World

Hooboy, talk about a rough day for New World. While the MMO has had its fair share of problems and bugs since launch, it’s unusual to see developers grappling over an issue for more than the usual time spent on addressing it.

Yes, we’re talking about the severe gold duplication issue that players have been having. This led to a lot of players being able to exploit the game and get a lot of New World gold without a hitch. And while Amazon’s response to that was swift, it was questionable at best, because it brought a screeching halt to the in-game’s economy.

In MMOs, the economy is king; it’s what makes everything go around in the game. As players earn gold and items by running dungeons and completing quests, they can then trade the currency to other players in exchange for certain services or items that they need.

So, it shouldn’t come as to surprise that gold plays a vital role in New World. In the case of New World, players can use the gold to trade with other players or be sent to another player’s company for Town Projects.

New World Gold can also be used to purchase New World items that are listed on the in-game market by other players. The best way to describe the market in New World is that it’s similar to the auction houses that you’d often see in other MMOs. Markets are popular places in all of the towns in New World, and it’s common to see large pockets of players wheeling and dealing at the Trading Post upon entering the Town Square.

Tumbleweeds Tumbled As Markets Became Silent

So just what was Amazon’s solution to bring the hammer down to the gold exploits that have been happening? To turn off the wealth transfers between players, of course! The dramatic decision led to players no longer being able to trade the gold with one another or send gold to their respective companies.

More importantly, it inevitably led to the Trading Post being shut down as New World items couldn’t be purchased there for the time being since that also counts as an act of transferring wealth. This boggled the mind of many players.

Why did Amazon pick this course of action to take instead of simply putting the game into maintenance? While letting the gold dupe exploit run rampant would kill the in-game economy, disabling wealth transfers and thereby bringing the in-game economy to a standstill is no better.

New World Lost 500k Players In Just A Month

Another thing that we’d like to point out is the plummeting of the player base in New World. The MMO lost over 500k players in a single month according to the Steam Charts of the game. Just after reaching almost a million players near the launch date.

New World has been experiencing constant players dropping like flies. If this decline were to continue, it might prove to be a problem in the future of the game itself. After all, what’s the point of playing an online game if there aren’t any people to play with anymore?

Losing half a million players is a massive blow for New World, and Amazon better come up with something quick before they lose even more.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s mishandling of the situation at hand is nothing short of disappointing. While swift measures were taken, it feels as if they simply chose the solution that was the quickest, but not necessarily the best. Coupled by the fact that New World just lost 500k players in just a month which is a serious blow to the MMO’s popularity, there’s no telling what’s bound to happen in the next months or years.

It’s exhausting for players to keep up with all the issues, and what’s more frustrating is the fact that New World is a good game–it’s just riddled by a host of game-breaking bugs, and the recent New World gold exploit doesn’t help. Hopefully, things turn around after this fiasco ends. What do you think of the current state of New World so far? Let us know down below!

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