Why are pencils not utilized in house? You might need heard the reply within the film, now know what science says!

Do you keep in mind Aamir Khan’s movie ‘3 Idiots’? Aamir Khan has performed a pupil on this movie launched in 2009. In a single scene, he asks the dean of his faculty, Boman Irani, that if the space-going pen was made by spending lakhs of rupees, then why pencil was not used which is affordable and in addition used for writing. Is? At the moment Dean didn’t reply however within the climax of the movie he advised why pencils can’t be utilized in House. It was a movie, therefore the issues advised in it can’t be fully trusted. Lately, when somebody requested this query on social media, it began being mentioned once more, that’s the reason we considered telling you with confidence what’s the reply to this query.

Why pencils not used in space
This query was additionally requested by Aamir Khan’s character ‘Rancho’ within the movie ‘3 Idiots’. (Picture: From Youtube video)

Individuals typically ask their questions on the social media platform Quora and customary folks reply them. Lately somebody requested – “Why are pencils not utilized in house?” The query is similar which was requested within the movie. Issues associated to house and all its points are magical for people. The frequent man is aware of solely as a lot about house as he hears from scientists, therefore for him something associated to house is sort of a puzzle. When the answer to this puzzle was discovered within the movie, after all folks believed it. So what was advised appropriately within the cinema? Earlier than answering that, allow us to inform you what solutions folks gave.

Why pencils not used in space
Fisher Pen Firm nonetheless sells its outdated mannequin house pens. (Picture: Fisher Pen Firm through NASA)

What reply did folks give?
An individual named Anuj Kumar Jaiswal said- “Brother, it was advised in 3 Idiots that there’s zero gravity in house. All issues hold flying right here and there. The tip of the pencil would possibly prick somebody’s eye, so the pencil shouldn’t be used there. NASA additionally confirmed that they wanted a substitute for pencils as a result of pencil leads can break simply and grow to be airborne, posing a risk to astronauts and delicate electronics on the spacecraft. Is. “Astronauts have additionally been utilizing house pens since 1969.”

What does NASA’s report say?
Now these are the solutions of the folks. Allow us to inform you from a dependable supply what’s the actual reply. Based on NASA report, what was advised within the movie was right. NASA didn’t need pencils for use in house, as a result of the lead might break and enter somebody’s eye, or might get into some machine and harm it. Because of this, astronauts have been utilizing house pens in house since 1969. Fisher Pen Firm created the House Pen within the 12 months 1968. These pens might be simply utilized in zero gravity.

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