Who will win the French LNB Basketball League 2022/2023: preview

The regular season of the basketball elite championship of France is coming to an end, and very soon the strongest eight teams will play in knockout battles. In total, eighteen teams take part in the competition, but less than half will play in the playoffs.

Monaco, Boulogne-Levallois and ASVEL are on the list of top contenders for the title of French Basketball Champion. The main favorite for gold is the team from Fontvieille, however, competitors will try to impose a fight on the Monegasques. After analyzing all the clubs, it will be possible to draw more accurate conclusions about who will still get the trophy.


Sasha Obradovic’s wards performed exemplarily in the regular season and absolutely deservedly finished at the top of the tournament. By the 32nd round, Monaco was ahead of the second “hornets” from Levallois-Perret by four wins. That is, a ticket to the battles for the departure of the “Monegasques” was obtained in advance. Having won 26 victories, the “red-white-gold” suffered six defeats. At the same time, in 2023, the club living in the Salle Gaston Medesen arena lost to Bour, Limoges and Strasbourg in overtime. It should also be noted that Yacoub Ouattara and partners had one of the strongest attacks and the best defense in the league.

The Red-White-Golds have an extremely strong line-up, which is able to successfully perform both in the LNB league and in the Euroleague. Three US players playing for the Monegasques have played in the NBA. It should also be noted that the rivals of Yacouba Ouattara are having an unstable season and it will be difficult for them to impose a fight on Monaco. So the club from Fontvey has very good chances for a debut championship.


Guys TJ Parker in the regular season did not differ in stability. As a result, a round before the end of the regular championship, ASVEL was on the third line. Having a game more, the “white-blacks” were one victory behind Boulogne-Levallois, but the fourth Dijon was ahead only in additional indicators. Having won 21 times, the brainchild of Tony Parker suffered 11 defeats. In 2023, the representatives of Lyon turned out to be weaker than the “hornets” from Levallois-Perret, Le Mans, Monaco, Gravelines-Dunkirk and Pau-Orthez.

The inhabitants of the Astrobal arena are having an extremely unstable season and it’s not at all a fact that the team will be able to add to the playoffs. Of course, ASVEL should not be written off in advance. However, it will be extremely difficult for the club owned by Tony Parker to get the 22nd championship. At the same time, it was the team from Lyon that got gold medals in the last two seasons.


The guys of Vincent Collet are having a pretty good season and after 32 rounds they were in the second place in the tournament. Boulogne-Levallois did not have the opportunity to catch up with the first Monaco, but the third ASVEL team was ahead by one victory and had a game in hand. So in the playoffs, the club from Levallois-Perret is very likely to play with rather weak opponents. Having won in 22 fights, the “blue-yellows” suffered 10 defeats. In knockout battles, the brainchild of Boris Diao will not be easy, but the “hornets” can surprise.

The Blue-Yellows are often inferior to rather weak opponents, but with the right attitude, they can impose a fight on any opponents. It is likely that the representatives of Levallo-Perret will even reach the final, but it will be difficult for this team to create problems for Monaco. The Hornets can already record the current season as an asset, but they are unlikely to be able to get the first league title in the history of Lahau Konate and the company.

Our forecast

Boulogne-Levallois and ASVEL are likely to perform quite well in the knockout matches, but silver medals are highly likely to be the maximum for these teams. The Monegasques, under Sasa Obradovic, are having an excellent season and are beating everyone in their path. So, most likely, it is the “red-white-gold” that will get the title of French basketball champion. If you want to earn money betting on the LNB league, then we recommend downloading mostbet apps for this.

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