WHO Performed IN 2010’S DIARY of a Wimpy kid? Ryan Grantham

After the actor admitted to second-degree murder after killing his own mother, the Ryan Grantham case went viral online. This is the character he portrayed in the 2010 Diary of a Wimpy Kid film.

On the last day of the sentence hearing following his mother Barbara Waite’s slaying, the 24-year-old actor made a statement in court.

“I am unable to justify or explain my behaviour. I have no justification, the actor remarked. The thought of how much of my life I have wasted upsets me.

Ryan initially faced a first-degree murder charge but later changed his plea to a second-degree murder charge in March. Second-degree murder carries a mandatory life term as punishment.

In the 2010 movie, Ryan portrayed Rodney James. He appeared in the film as one of his classmates, but his part was quite little.

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Although the character wasn’t crucial to the story’s premise, as many fans are well aware, Ryan’s biggest project was still the movie.

In addition to the role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, some of his other acting credits include those in Supernatural (2008–2015), Riverdale (2019), Way of the Wicked (2014), iZombie (2015), and Undercover cheerleader (2019).

Supernatural on the CW Network featured Ryan in two of the episodes.

In the fourth season episode “Wishful Thinking,” he played Todd. Then, in the Season 11 episode “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire,” he played a teenage hunter.

The actor’s most recent appearance was in the 2019 television series Riverdale, a cult favourite. In the season 4 episode “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam,” he played Jeffery Augustine.


The journey of a 12-year-old who is just finishing up elementary school and transferring to middle school is followed in 2010’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Zachary Gordon played Greg Heffley, the protagonist of the movie.

Since then, the actor has starred in a number of enormously popular productions, including The Good Doctor (2017), Star Wars: Rebels (TV series, 2016–2018), and Dreamcatcher (2021).

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