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NEW DELHI: In the bustling heart of New Delhi, a man named Ravi Kapoor has embarked on a journey that defies convention. Once a distinguished IRS officer, he made a life-altering decision to relinquish the trappings of bureaucracy and step into the shoes of a mentor. His mission is to inspire and guide the aspirations of countless young minds preparing for the UPSC examination.

Overcoming The Odds – A Tale Of Resilience & Determination


Ravi Kapoor’s life story is a testament to the age-old adage, “Those who do nothing, do wonders.” Born into a modest family, Ravi faced a barrage of academic challenges and a constant sense of inadequacy during his formative years. Battling obesity, bullying, and isolation, he embarked on a journey of physical transformation that revealed his true strength – an unyielding spirit.

From Weightlifting To Intellectual Lifting – A Journey Of Self-Discovery


Ravi Kapoor’s path led him from bodybuilding and powerlifting to an engineering college, all while nurturing a fierce determination to excel. His achievements in the world of sports, including a bronze medal in the Asian Powerlifting Championship and the title of Mr. Delhi, painted a picture of an indomitable warrior. Yet, life had other plans.

A Pivotal Moment – Choosing Service Over Sports


An unfortunate incident during a rugby match left Ravi incapacitated but awakened a profound sense of purpose within him. He embarked on an audacious journey to crack the UPSC examination, despite lacking formal intellectual training. Armed with relentless determination, he defied stereotypes and emerged victorious on his very first attempt.

Balancing Bureaucracy & Passion – A Multifaceted Achiever


As an IRS officer, Ravi’s career soared to new heights. He cracked high-profile smuggling cases and excelled in his role. Simultaneously, his passion for powerlifting continued to burn brightly, culminating in a Global Powerlifting Championship victory in 2017.

A Mentor’s Call – Revolutionizing UPSC Preparation


Even amidst success, Ravi remained attuned to the flaws in the education system. His passion for UPSC led him to write books, blogs, and innovative tools like the “Ultimate UPSC Current Aaffairs Diary” and the UPSC Navigator board. His vision was to make UPSC preparation accessible and enjoyable for all.

A New Calling – The Intersection Of Psychology & Education


Ravi’s pursuit of knowledge was unending. He earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology, which unlocked his true calling – democratizing education. This revelation prompted him to resign from his government job and launch a free mentorship program. He combined tailored educational materials, psychological principles, and gamified learning techniques, impacting the lives of over 1.4 lakh students.

A Legacy Of Success – Six UPSC Aspirants Triumph


In a resounding endorsement of his mentorship program, six of Ravi’s students successfully cleared the UPSC examination this year, securing their place in the final selection. Ravi’s teaching methodology emphasizes not just academic excellence but also mental well-being, creating holistic achievers.

The Vision Ahead – Gamifying Education For All


Today, Ravi Kapoor continues his mission as a mentor and educator on Testbook, guiding students in long-term commitment, stress management, and the cultivation of curiosity. His dream is to transform the entire education system into a gamified, engaging, and accessible platform for all learners.

Beyond Education – Exploring The Depths Of The Mind


Ravi’s passions extend beyond academia. He delves into meditation, exploring the teachings of Buddhist philosophy and mind-training techniques. Vipassana retreats have enriched his understanding of the role of psychological training in the UPSC journey.

In the tale of Ravi Kapoor, we find a story of relentless determination, unwavering commitment, and the transformative power of education. His journey inspires us to break free from convention, discover our true calling, and give back to society in extraordinary ways. Ravi Kapoor is not just a mentor; he is a beacon of hope and a symbol of what can be achieved when one follows their heart.

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