‘Who is Pakistan’s biggest enemy- India or Taliban?’: Senior Pak journalist exposes his country’s downfall | World News

For the last seven decades, India and Pakistan have been behaving like arch-rivals. However, Pakistan which sponsored terrorism against India, is now gradually realising that it has shot itself in the leg by exporting terrorism. Pakistan’s economy is limping, its forces are under threat from the Taliban and the decreasing forex reserve and lack of dollar bills have made it hard for the nation to get goods released from customs. Senior Pakistani journalist Wusat Ullah Khan today exposed his country’s policies through a video blog for BBC.

He said that Pakistan today is fighting many problems including irregular monsoon, economic crisis, terror attacks by Taliban, Imran Khan who wants elections and declining forex reserve. Wusat Ullah Khan said that the Shehbaz Sharif government don’t know how to deal with these crises.  

“The forex reserve has come down to 5 billion dollars from 16 billion dollars. There aren’t enough dollars to get the goods lying in the port godowns released from customs….Just like a mother consoles her children that father will bring food when he will come, in the same way, the government also has nothing but consolation as it says that if IMF, China and Saudi Arabia deposit more dollars in the nation’s coffers, then the economy will get breath for a few days,” he said.

Outlining the adverse impact of terror, he said that while India and Iran are already considered enemies, Afghanistan has also raised its voice against Pakistan now.  

“Everyone in Pakistan has been told for 75 years that the biggest enemy is India, but now when it is being told that Taliban is also our biggest enemy, it is difficult for a mind to believe which has been following the same path for 75 years. Although the number of soldiers who died in all the wars with India is about 20 thousand, while according to the Government of Pakistan, more than 70 thousand civilians and soldiers have been killed by Taliban terrorists. Still, the heart is not ready to accept that not an outside nation but terrorism is hollowing out the country from the inside,” he said.

Khan remarked that the Pakistan government is thinking about whether it should declare the Taliban as the biggest threat or continue to consider it as a spoiled brother just like before.

It may be recalled that the Pakistan government have often supported the Taliban in the past and now it’s finding it hard to get rid of the evil called terrorism that it has harboured for decades. 

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