Who is Jalebi Baba? Know about Haryana Tantrik who allegedly raped 120 women, made videos of act | India News

Amarpuri alias Jalebi Baba, who allegedly raped 120 different women and  made porn videos, has been found guilty by a Haryana court. Jalebi Baba, the priest of Baba Balaknath temple, in Haryana’s Tohana, has been convicted by the court. He was arrested on basis of a complaint made by aggrieved women. Many obscene videos of him were found by police during a raid. 

Amarpuri got his name Jalebi baba as he used to sell Jalebis on the railway road of Tohana before he became a ‘tantrik.’

As per police, Jalebi Baba used to drug women before raping them.

Jalebi Baba used to tell them that they are possessed by spirits. Out of fear, they used to willingly participate in his Black magic activities. During the Tantra Vidya rituals, he used to drug them, making them unconscious. Then he used to rape them and make videos of it to blackmail them later to collect huge amounts of money. Not only this, in the name of the videos, he also forced them to have physical relations with him. 

Police found 120 obscene videos from his room

Jalebi Baba was arrested after a video of him having sex with a woman went viral on social media. He was arrested under offenses including rape, IT Act, and blackmailing. In a raid, Police found 120 explicit videos of him with different women. They also recovered intoxicant pills and tantra from his room during the raid. 

How did a jalebi hawker become a tantrik?

Jalebi Baba’s birth name is Amarveer. He came to Haryana’s Tohana from Punjab’s Mansa 20 years ago. He then set up a Jalebi shop on the railway road of Tohana. After his wife’s death, Jaebi Baba started the business of Tantra Vidya. He returned to Tohana after two years. Since then, he had been trapping women and raping them.

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