WhistlinDiesel net worth – Income, Earnings, Age, Girlfriend

WhistlinDiesel net worth

Cody Detwiler, popularly known as WhistlinDiesel, has risen to fame as a famous American YouTuber. WhistlinDiesel, popularly known for the videos on his YouTube Channel, has posted to date several vehicles like bulldozers, trucks, off-roading vehicles, cars alongside farm equipment. Moreover, WhistlinDiesel, born Cody Detwiler on July 18, 1998, has been attracting fans to his channel. According to the 2021 estimates of MoneyProMax, the WhistlinDiesel net worth is $3 million. Learn more about the WhistlinDiesel bio, salary, earnings, career, and other details. 

WhistlinDiesel real nameCody Detwiler
WhistlinDiesel net worth$3 million
Birthday/ Birth dateJuly 18, 1998
BirthplaceIndiana, United States
Age23 years
Height5 feet 5 Inches
Weight118 lb 
OccupationYouTuber, merchandise shop owner

WhistlinDiesel bio, salary, and earnings

Whistlindiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, is well known for posting videos of himself attempting dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles. Stuntman and YouTuber Cody Detwiler, based in Indiana, United States of America, was engaged for a long time in automobiles, construction, and farming business. His knowledge about trucks alongside other vehicles refined as his family supported him a lot. Later on, Whistlindiesel started his own YouTube channel with the knowledge of vehicles and a huge fan following quickly. With that, he has earned  WhistlinDiesel net worth. He owns the personal Audi R8, which he left driving WhistlinDiesel tried riding the Audi R8 in the rural area, and then it got broken. The latest updates mention that the WhistlinDiesel monthly earnings from YouTube are around $30K. That said, the WhistlinDiesel yearly earnings from YouTube are around $360K. The fame he has earned for the black T-shirt with ‘this shirt cost one thousand dollars’ in white letters. Also, there have been sales of the Whistlin Diesel logo long-sleeve T-shirt, normal T-shirts that cost $26.99, Rusty Dodge T-shirts, and unisex super extra insulated ultra-plush swag suit coveralls for $999.69.

WhistlinDiesel wife 

WhistlinDiesel, the famous YouTuber, married man and has a wife. The WhistlinDiesel girlfriend is an Instagram model known as Mrs. WhistlinDesel. 2020 updates mention WhistlinDiesel’s wife posted the picture with him along with her dog, and then he captioned it as “I love them.” WhistlinDiesel has also mentioned that Diesel’s wife’s real name is Rae. Instagram highlights suggest that Diesel’s wife refers to herself as Mrs. Whistlin. Rae also runs an automotive YouTube channel of her own. 


WhistlinDiesel made headlines about the accident and has also stated that he was once testing the gun by firing on the steel plate, and while he was firing, the bullet bounced back that hit WhistlinDiesel. However, WhistlinDiesel survived because the shot reflected.

WhistlinDiesel, born and raised in the rural area of Indiana, United States, was raised by parents who have been involved in the business of construction, farming, and automobiles. The primary source of s income is online presence and the advertising revenue from YouTube. In addition to that, he earns from product sales, mainly merchandise sales. WhistlinDiesel social media handles suggest that he has gained plenty of followers lately. On the YouTube channel, WhistlinDiesel posts videos with unique content. WhistlinDiesel has posted several videos representing how he purchases several expensive and new vehicles and destroys them. The amazing videos suggest he gains millions of views and likes helping him make money. WhistlinDiesel makes videos where WhistlinDiesel attempts several dangerous stunts with vehicles like monster max 2.

Cody Detwiler, a YouTuber from rural Indiana, started uploading automotive (mostly truck) related videos that have earned him decent success. The charismatic YouTuber has loved the idea of always posting entertaining videos. Since Cody graduated from high school, he began uploading more, accumulated over 1.5 million subscribers, earning millions of views. Most of the uploads involve pickup trucks, with the unique quality of making the videos VERY interesting. It never matters what he is driving, like a Jeep, old semi, or even a fancy Audi. The only motto is to eventually destroy it. Viewers get upset regarding Cody’s destructive habits. Also, it has forced the general public to leave inappropriate/rude comments. 

Cody bought the fancy-looking Ford pickup truck, worth $100,000. Upon purchasing, Cody also clearly stated to his viewers that later he is going to change his habits. He is promising to become respectful and polite and promises to take care of the truck and wouldn’t ruin it. A monster truck, “MonsterMax,” is built off the truck, and he drove it in high school. The content creator has also highlighted the four-wheeler on reaper wheels with more than 13 million views.

Incredible entertainment that he provides to the fans is what is increasing his fame. Also, subscribers have stated that though they love the YouTuber, yet they’re confused about how someone can plan on purposely ruining vehicles. Some of the breakdowns are accidents, yet many of the destructions are due to him trying to do things forcibly. YouTube content creator and personality, WhistlinDiesel, best known for publishing a variety of videos surrounding motor vehicles, is drawing the attention of fans and engaging them. Some of his latest creations include cars, trucks, farm equipment, bulldozers, and off-roading vehicles. In 2014, WhistlinDiesel shared a highlight reel representing the bow hunting trip. Video about a four-wheeler on reaper wheels viewed more than 11 million times made him immensely famous. 

WhistlinDiesel Trivia

There have been some interesting facts associated with WhistlinDiesel. Here, check them out:

  • WhistlinDiesel has been popularly known for the videos posted on his YouTube Channel representing him destroying vehicles. 
  • WhistlinDiesel posted videos of buying several expensive and new vehicles and destroying them.
  • WhistlinDiesel, born and raised in the rural area of Indiana, United States, is a very famous YouTuber in his area. 
  • WhistlinDiesel’s family has a farming and construction background, helping him operate and run a variety of equipment.

Final words 

Cody Detwiler, aka WhistlinDiesel, has become famous as the American YouTuber who has gained publicity for pushing pick-up trucks to the limit. The YouTuber has also made it clear that his intention on his YouTube page is not to clickbait his content. Rather, he is proud that he is able to deliver exactly what he puts on the title. The truck enthusiast Cody Detwiler spends a lot on an expensive vehicle. In addition to that, he modifies the videos to suit his interests. Cody’s videos reflect mostly the motor vehicles, including cars, farm equipment, trucks, bulldozers, and off-roading vehicles. People have loved the on-screen appearance. Stay tuned for receiving further updates. 

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