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What does unlimited domain hosting mean?

There are four popular blogging platform that you can use to create blogging website. We are here to review each of these blog platforms and help you to choose the best blogging software for your website. Here is the choice of blog platform available:

WordPress blogging software.

B2evolution blogging software.

Movable Type blogging software.

TextPattern blogging software.

If you are a beginner and getting started blogging for your first website, then it’s easier to choose the most popular WordPress blog. It’s recommended for most beginner, WordPress blog is supported by almost 99.9% of the php web hosting companies available. And you can easily find the free WordPress theme and WordPress plugin that will extend your website functionality and features. There are lots of tutorial and forum online discussing WordPress scripts, and you can find pretty good support available for it.

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Here are what you should consider when choosing a blogging platform:

Free script or paid script?

version update and security risk.

supported by your web hosting

good support and easy to find help.

free upgrade or plugin, wide range of plugin for your blog site.

free theme, easy to find wide range of blog theme.

Above are the 6 things to consider when choose your blogging platform. The four-blogging software mentioned above are very popular, and each of them are offering their own advantage. If you are really a beginner and want to startup quit with blogging online, choose WordPress blog and it’s the best choice for you. We are recommending few popular blogs web hosting for WordPress, and you can find:

Bluehost blog hosting $3.95/mo

Godaddyblog hosting $3.45/mo

Hostmonster blog hosting $3.95/mo

Ixwebhosting blog hosting $3.95/mo (20% off).

What does unlimited domain hosting mean?

Its getting more common to have unlimited web hosting plan, and these hosting plan are also offering unlimited domain web hosting too. For example, Godaddy web hosting from $3.95 per month are also offering unlimited domain hosting and unlimited storage space. What does these unlimited domain web hosting really mean? For unlimited domain hosting package, you can do the following:

Add unlimited domain name to your hosting account.

Physically host unlimited unique websites in single web hosting plan, each with own www.

Add unlimited subdomain name.

Add unlimited domain parking.

Host external domain name, domain you registered with other domain registrar.

For Godaddy unlimited domain web hosting plan, you are able to host unlimited websites, unlimited subdomain, unlimited domain parking, and you can get up to 3 free domain names for your hosting account signup. Godaddy also offering up to 15 free dedicated IP address that you can assign it to your every website. Signup Godaddy at 20% discount when you activate the Godaddy web hosting coupon link from our homepage.

Godaddy web hosting addon domain names

Godaddy web hosting plans are all come with unlimited addon domain hosting, which allows you to create or add as many new domain website as you require. Each addon domain name will have old folder to host your web pages, and each addon domain name is an independent website that can have own files, database, setting, .htaccess etc.

From Godaddy web hosting control panel, at the domain section, you can add new domain name from here. Note that Godaddy web hosting plan does come with multiple free domain name, you can use these domain names and add it to your hosting account.

Else, if you have domain name registered via other domain registrar, you can make changes to the DNS and point it to Godaddy web hosting dns. Later add that domain to Godaddy control panel, thus your website can be hosted with Godaddy web hosting.

I highly recommend business package or unlimited package, as these hosting packages give you the most free IP addresses, features, and better hosting quality.

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Godaddy web hosting domain privacy

Note that Godaddy web hosting domain name does not have domain privacy feature. Godaddy web hosting plans come with multiple free domain name, and each domain name will shows your personal contact information when someone performed a WHOIS search on your Godaddy domain name.

I had contact Godaddy web hosting support regarding this Godaddy domain privacy problem, and i had been informed that Godaddy web hosting doesn’t have domain privacy protection feature for their registered domain name. Meaning that the domain registered with Godaddy will not have this domain protection feature.

Unless your domain name is now with other registrar, or you transfered your domain to other registrar that offering domain privacy feature. Then you can activate the domain privacy feature from these domain registrar. For example namecheap is giving 1 year free whois protection to domain name registered with them or transfer to them. You can activate the domain privacy from namecheap instead.

25+ Essential WordPress Plugin for your Blog

Here are the list of the 25 best wordpress plugin, don’t miss out any of it. A wordpress blog require various WP plugin to extend its functionality. If you are new to wordpress plugin, make sure you give each of them a test drive. Setup your wordpress blog, download and install following essential WordPress plugins, and get your blog kicking hard!

Akismet :

spam blocker tool to prevent comment spams.

Add meta tag :

insert meta tag to your blog site and webpages.

All in One SEO Pack plugin :

SEO your website and content.

SEO Smart Link :

convert keyword into links.

Sociable social bookmarking :

add social bookmark link to your blog post.

Google XML sitemaps :

generate google sitemap in XML format.

Advertising manager :

manage advertising for your wordpress blog.

Top Commentator :

List the highest commentor for your blog.

AJAX Comment Posting :

visitor can post comment fast and effectively.

Subscribe to Comment :

Allow commentor to subscribe to post comments and reply.

Wp-table :

for adding table to your wordpress blog

Contact form 7 :

Create and insert contact form to your wordpress blog site.

TwitterCounter :

Include twitter counter to your blog.

Photo Dropper :

Include photo from Flickr.

Smart Youtube :

Add youtube video content into your wordpress blog site. stat :

track website stats, robot visits, spam count, and more.

Google Pagerank :

Add google pagerank to your blog

RankingBadge :

Shows google pagerank, technorati ranking, alexa ranking info.

Vote It Up :

The best wordpress voting and post rating plugin.

WP Auto Tagger :

Automatically generate tag for yout blog post.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:

List all relavent post.

Google Analytics for WordPress:

add google analytic to your blog and track links.

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online:

Shows whos online and visitor location map.

Random Post Widget:

Shows random post on sidebar.

Thickbox Announcement: shows announcement message on your blog, customise and schedule by calender date.

A new wordpress blog is too plain without proper WP plugins. Color up your blog content with tools like website and visitor stats, voting and post rating, technorati and alexa ranking info, google pagerank indicator. Also shows related post, most popular post, random post and more. Allows visitor to contact you via contact form, created by WordPressSEO plugin too. And allows visitor to comment on your blog post, and shows the top commentor for your blog. Allow user to add your website to social bookmark site. Insert and shows your flickr photo, youtube video, and twitter news, and more. Shows announcement and important news on your wordpress homepage with the WP announcement plugin. A lot of thing you can do with wordpress, and this is just the beginning!

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