What to do if there is no net signal in any room of the house? Question was asked, the person told a clever trick

Nowadays, internet is available in most of the homes, but sometimes such a problem arises that the solution is not available. Especially in big houses or 2-storey, 3-storey houses, it is usually seen that the signal from the modem kept in one room does not reach every room of the house. If your house is old and has thick walls, then it becomes very difficult for the signal to travel from one room to another on the same floor. After all, what is the solution? An engineer on the online platform Quora has described a solution by which the signal can reach every room.

Animesh Kumar Sinha, who calls himself a railway engineer, wrote, the simplest solution for this is to install a range extender in the house. It has to be connected to electricity. Once turned on and configured, it will connect to your broadband modem’s Internet signal. After this, it will easily extend the range of this signal further by 10–15 meters inside a closed room and 40–50 meters in open air through the second antenna. When you buy it, you will also get the method to set it up.

Do the settings like this
Despite this, if you want to know, first go to the company’s site and register yourself. Find the model number you received and go to the self help guide. After turning on the range extender, it will show all the Wi-Fi connections available. Select the one whose range you want to increase. Keep your laptop or mobile also on the same WiFi connection. For example, if you want to increase the range of a test connection, then select the test connection and enter its password. After that the range extender will automatically create another WiFi connection. Here just keep in mind that in the new WiFi connection created named Test_Ext, use the same password as you used in the original connection.

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