What is Webmaster and How to use it

Google Webmaster Tools is called Google Search Console. This tool has been created by Google for Website Owners so that they can check the performance of their website.

With the help of this tool, you can get your post ranked in search engine by submitting the sitemap of your website or blog. With which keywords users are visiting your website, what error is coming in the website, whether the post is getting indexed in the search engine or not, apart from this, you can check many more.

Google’s only free service is Google Analytics, with the help of which you can check Traffic, Page Views, Bounce Rate, etc., but you cannot check your Keywords, for this Google Webmaster Tool is used.

How important is the Webmaster tool according to SEO?

Whenever you create a website, you have only one objective that you can share / sell your knowledge or products with others. If your website will not index in Search Engine, then you will not get any benefit of creating a website.

How to Submit website in Google Webmaster Tool

  • To add a website to Google Search Console, first, you have to go to the website of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • After visiting the website of Google Webmaster Tool, log in with your existing Gmail ID.
  • After login, click on Add Property and enter your website URL.
  • After entering the website URL, you will get an HTML code with the help of which you will verify your website.
  • Since there are many ways to verify the website, so do not verify without thinking, maybe your website may break due to some of your mistakes.
  • There are many methods to verify the website such as HTML File Upload, Google Tag Manager, Uploading Code in Headers Files etc. Now you have to see which method is easy for you.
  • If you want, you can also verify your website with the help of your domain setting.

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

When your website is verified in Google Search Console, you will get to see the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard. In this dashboard, you will get many options such as which keywords users are visiting their website with, whether there is any error in the website, whether the post is being indexed or not and many more.

For website posts to be crawled by Google, you have to submit the website sitemap to Google Search Console.

Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console is better for those people who have their own blog or website. Let us know about the advantages of this tool –

Website index can be easily checked with the help of this tool.

  • Through Google Webmaster Tool, you can check that with the help of which keyword visitors are visiting your website, this will give you an idea of ​​what users are searching for.
  • You can get your website crawled through search engines.
  • You can submit a sitemap.


In today’s article, know that What is Google Webmaster, About Google Webmaster Tools and How to Submit Google Webmaster Tools website. This is a free tool from Google so that you can check the performance of your website.

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