What is this relationship called? 2 women fall in love, one has a boyfriend of years, the other is married!

Some time ago, a serial became quite famous on TV, the name was ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!’ You might know the condition of the relationship in that TV show better than us, but the relationship of a polyamorous woman living in America is quite complicated. That’s because she already has a boyfriend but she is also in a relationship with two other people (Girlfriend relationship with married woman) who are a married couple. All four are bound in a relationship like husband and wife and people are surprised to see them.

girlfriend relationship with married woman
AB met her boyfriend Elijah in the year 2018. (Photo: Instagram/paintmeglitter)

According to the report of Daily Star News website, 28-year-old Abbie Lill, resident of Los Angeles, USA, has been dating her 38-year-old boyfriend Elijah for the last 5 years, but he is alone in her life. Not a partner. AB also has a girlfriend. 39 year old Emily and Abby have been lovers for the last two years. It is not surprising that she is a girl, and despite having a boyfriend, she is also in a relationship with another girl. But it is also surprising that Emily is married, her husband’s name is J, and AB is in a relationship with him too. That means these four people are tied together in a relationship.

girlfriend relationship with married woman
AB says that she will soon buy a house in which all four people can live together. (Photo: Instagram/paintmeglitter)

Fell in love with a married woman despite having a boyfriend
This is called polyamorous relationship, which means that people can be in a relationship with another person with the consent of their partner. AB and Elijah met in the year 2018 and on their very first date, AB told Elijah that he was gay, that is, he liked both men and women. Because of this, she can never remain tied in a relationship with only one person. Elijah understood her point and gave her the freedom to love someone else as well. Both of them decided that if they want to date other people while being in a relationship, they can do so, the only condition being that they will have to tell each other about it in advance. After being in a relationship for two years, both of them shifted to the same house. Their neighbors there were Emily and her husband J.

Both couples want to live together
Emily and Abby began dating and fell in love. Emily also soon revealed the secret that she too was gay. In this way both the women came closer to each other and told their respective partners about their relationship. He supported the women and thus all four came together in the same relationship. But AB’s family was quite surprised to know about this and they did not adopt her quickly. People often troll him on social media too, but these things don’t bother him anymore. Now they want to buy a house soon in which all four can live together. AB says that she wants three bedrooms in the house, in which all three couples can get their personal time. By the three couples, she means Abby-Elijah, Abby-Emily and Emily-Jay.

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