What is SAA-C02 certification? And how many questions are in SAA-C02 exam: Simple guide

Overview:AWS CSA Associate is a certification administered by AWS, and its official name is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Also called AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification.

The aws CSA Associate credential is for those with at least one year of hands-on experience designing scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant distributed systems on AWS in solutions architect roles.

It is recommended to have at least one year of practical experience, but you can take the exam without any additional requirements. To obtain the certification, you must take and pass the SAA-C02 exam.

Jobs performed:

Once you achieve the AWS CSA Associate, you can work as an AWS Solutions Architect (AWS SA).

(1) AWS SA manages the cloud computing architecture of an enterprise or organization. They have in-depth knowledge of architectural principles and services used to develop technical cloud strategies, support cloud migration (port) operations, review workload architectures, and provide guidance on how to address high-risk issues.

(2) SA identifies problems and requirements to be solved through one-on-one meetings with sales companies and customers or participation in conference meetings. This may also depend on the type of company and the role of the SA within the company.

(3) The most important task performed by SA is to design solutions that meet customer needs and business goals. The SA develops a solution plan and provides guidance on AWS architecture best practices. It not only predicts costs and identifies cost control mechanisms, but also selects the appropriate AWS service based on your data, compute, database, or security requirements.

(4) SA is responsible for designing and deploying scalable, high-performance and fault-tolerant AWS systems, and identifying the transition of existing in-house applications to AWS. At the same time, data transmission and reception to and from AWS must also be decrypted. It also provides guidance on issues such as performance, cost, disaster recovery, or security issues.

(5) AWS Solutions Architect’s general work involves various tasks in addition to the basic SA work, so the SA’s work can be said to be a non-standardized, variable and flexible work.

Sometimes you’re tasked with reviewing an existing environment or planning a new one, writing scripts, performing migrations, continuing to use new AWS features, or troubleshooting issues.

 They often work in collaboration with other teams within the company, and also work with sales departments and engineers.

To obtain the AWS CSA Associate certification, you must take and pass the SAA-C02 exam, and you can take the exam without any additional requirements.

To maintain strict standards for obtaining AWS Certification, exams are administered in a supervised, time-limited environment. There are flexible and convenient options for taking the exam, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The testing organizations are PearsonVUE and PSI. Both organizations host AWS Certification exams worldwide.

(1)Online exam (supervised environment)

The online exam is an exam-taking environment where you can take the exam in a private space, such as your home or office. You will take the exam from your own computer, and you will have a conversation with the proctor, who remotely monitors the exam using a screen-sharing application and webcam.

 (2)Test center

A test center is a facility operated independently by AWS, which provides the technical equipment (e.g, computer for system and security requirements) necessary for actual test supervision and testing. Reservation availability varies depending on the test center, and the available test center can be confirmed at the time of registration.

How many questions in SAA C02?

There are 65 questions in saa c02 exam. Tests may contain unscored items placed to collect statistical information. These items are not identified separately from other general items and do not affect the score.

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