Weight Loss Results: Just after 14 days of the Restricted Diet

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As a result, the consciousness of people about their health has increased too.

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The fast loss of weight may come with a few bad consequences.

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It is also necessary to maintain exercise so that muscles can run themselves with a low amount of protein.

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The first reason of becoming obese is that they accumulate more calory than they burn.

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A liquid diet works by reducing calorie intake. Liquid diets carry fewer calories than do solid diets.

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Liquid diets are diets that do not require biting properly such as Ice Cream. They melt just a few seconds after they are put into the mouth.

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First, you can’t continue water fasting for more than 3 days, that’s the highest time limit medical science permits.

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If a 14 days restrictive diet is tough for you, you can change the 14 days liquid diet plan into intermittent fasting, but in a slightly different way.

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