In 2022, Kia India will enter used car market

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Kia has recognised the potential of the used car market and is now vying  for a piece of the action. 

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The automaker does not want to lose customers who are looking to replace the SUV with rival brands. 

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Kia is showing signs of entering the used car market, with the Seltos being named the best resale value in its segment.

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Used car market is roughly 1.4 times the new car market, and by 2025, it is expected to be nearly two times the new car market.

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Establishing its own used car business will aid Kia’s conquest sales.  

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Despite its potential, the used car market is currently facing some challenges. “At the moment, the used car market’s supply is a major concern.  

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As a result of the demand outstripping supply, used car prices have risen. 

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