Best Skin Care Routine for Winter

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Winter is season of joy with Christmas bells and New Year vibes.

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Winter also brings dry skin that can crack and peel if not given proper care and attention.  

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Adapting the right skin care in the winter season can bring a lot of difference and make your face glow like anything. 

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Lip balms moisturize the chapped lips and make them soft, supple, and smooth. Chapped lips heal faster if moisturized with lip balm daily. 

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Make sure after every shower, you apply moisturizer on the skin to avoid the skin layer peeling off or getting cracked. 

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In winters, the skin tends to lose its natural oils therefore it is important to be careful with the skin care routine. 

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Sun might not show up much in the cold weather but it is still important to protect your skin from damage.  

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Ensure taking a shower in lukewarm water that is neither too cold nor too hot.  

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