Watch: US Bus Driver Stops Mid-Way To Buy Chicken; Internet Reacts

We all run errands while returning home from work. Don’t we? Buying groceries and other household items are a part of our everyday routine, and it seems to be the same for everyone. Recently, one such video took the internet by storm. In the video, we saw a bus driver making a pit stop to buy chicken, while passengers waited at the stop. The incident, posted on Instagram by a handle named ‘ub1ub2’, took place in the United Kingdom. Watch the video below:

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The video was recorded by a passenger sitting on the bus. In the video, we could see the bus driver rushing to a chicken shop; after some time, the person came back to the bus that was parked on a roadside in Southhall. “Only in West London will you find the bus driver leaving everyone on the bus to go to the chicken shop,” the video caption read.

Since the video is published, it has received nearly 700k views, 26k likes and hundreds of comments. Several people supported the bus driver saying, “I see nothing wrong here. Man’s gotta eat.” Another comment read, “Yep. Because he’s probably got a 40 min break at a garage that has no canteen facilities and this is his only chance in 10 hours to eat.”

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A third person wrote, “Bus Drivers are humans. The way we need food and water to survive, Bus Drivers need the same. Some people need to stop recording things that are normal, who knows now because of that video, the driver may lose his job?”

Another person commented, “Life of a working class. Having a hot lunch must be nice. I often feel sorry when I see key workers in uniforms queue up for food. Once upon a time, there were staff canteens where people were fed healthy food. Now, it is all about cost-cutting and nobody cares about people.”

What are your thoughts on the video? We would love to hear your opinion on the same.

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