Watch: This Self-Spinning Jugaadu Chakki Has Captured The Imagination Of Twitter

Today, when we want to grind spices and grains, we simply use a mixer. The powder or mixture we want is easily ready in a few seconds. In olden times, this was a task that required much more time and energy. People used to utilise big grinding stones or “chakkis” to accomplish this work. Nowadays, chakkis have been widely replaced by electric alternatives. But a new kind of chakki has recently captured the interest of netizens. A Twitter user (@harichandanaias) posted a video of this strange device and asked others to “Caption this #desi ingenuity.” In the video, we see a chakki that seems to be spinning by itself. But how is that even possible?

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On closer inspection, we notice that the top part of the chakki has a hole in the middle and a bottle is attached to it. Now, traditional chakkis consisted of two stones piled on each other with a gap in between to grind the grains. A piece of wood or stone attached to the top stone acts as a handle by which the chakki is rotated. But this new kind of chakki uses the force of water to spin. In the video, we see that a pipe is attached to the bottle, constantly feeding it with water. A person also adds something to the bottle from time to time. Surprisingly, it seems to be working, as a white liquid is being collected from the chakki. Intrigued? Watch the full video here:

The video has received 23.4K views so far. Some people have commented their take on this “desi ingenuity.” Here are their replies:

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What do you think of this chakki? Can you guess what is being made in it? Let us know in the comments.

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