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Watch State of Siege : Temple Attack Hindi Movie Review

Release Date : July 09, 2021

Starring: Akshaye Khanna, Vivek Dahiya, Gautam Rode

Director : Ken Ghosh

Produced by : Abhimanyu Sing

State of Siege : Temple Attack Review: The movie presents great acting with a tight story, Akshaye Khanna will win the heart-read review.  State of siege temple attack review akshaye
Watch State of Siege : Temple Attack Hindi Movie Review

review: About 19 years ago, Ahmedabad, along with the rest of the country, experienced a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of about 30 people and injured more than 80. After the Gujarat riots in 2002, the attack on the temple on September 24 of the same year left people stunned.

In return for the release of a member of his gang, Bilal Naikoo (Mir Sarwar), a group of four terrorists attacked the Krishna Dham Temple (name changed from Akashradham Temple). In this well-planned attack, terrorists attacked the temple, which was monitored from Pakistan, in which many innocent people were killed and some of them were taken hostage. Along with the Ahmedabad Police, the National Security Guard (NSG) took charge of the situation.

Inspired by several real-life stories, ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’ celebrates the heroism of men in uniform. The film attempts to provide a detailed account of what happened during the operation and how the NSG was successful in saving many lives. Director Ken Ghosh has taken some creative liberties in his fictional drama to depict the unfortunate events of that historic day in an engaging watch. But thanks to its straightforward writing (by William Borthwick and Simon Fantazo), it doesn’t deviate from what actually happened in the past.

Akshaye Khanna's SOS: Temple Attack is inspired by which real-life incident  and where can you watch it?
Watch State of Siege : Temple Attack Hindi Movie Review

The screenplay is layered and precise which does not make the terrorist attacks over-dramatic. It mainly focuses on characters without portraying them as heroes, even if they are so in real life. in totality, The drama will surely remind you of all the movies and shows based on terrorist attacks, but the special thing about this film is that it narrates the events of the day from the perspective of NSG commandos, worshipers, politicians, affected families and the terrorists themselves. However, this only skims the surface of the issue, does not go further or reveal many of the internal aspects that are already hidden from the public.

Tejal Pramod Shetty’s cinematography enhances the tone of the story, especially the scenes shot in the picturesque locations of Manali, which are mesmerizing. Even the action-packed scenes between NSG commandos and terrorists are well choreographed by Mandhar Verma and Rinku Bachchan.

The film begins with Captain Bibek (Akshay Oberoi) and other NSG commandos, Major Hanut Singh (Akshay Khanna), carrying out an operation to rescue a special hostage from a terrorist. During the mission some soldiers including Hanut are injured and Captain Bibek is killed. Hanut suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of this incident. However, when faced with duty, one should put aside his/her weak side and focus on being physically strong and ready for the next operation. Along with Captain Rohit Bagga (Vivek Dahiya), Hanut is enlisted to command the temple attack operation.

On the one hand, ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’ emphasizes that it is challenging to follow the protocol on how commandos should base their decisions on their own. At the same time, it sensitively discusses how young minds are molded to believe in a particular ideology, nurtured by hopes and dreams of attaining martyrdom for their religion.

All the actors give satisfactory performance, which is expected of them. Parveen Dabas plays Colonel Nagar, the commanding officer of NSG, who has done justice to his role. Major Hanut Singh, played by Akshaye Khanna, and his team, including Vivek Dahiya as Captain Rohit Bagga and Gautam Rode as Major Samar Chauhan, arrive in Ahmedabad to look after the terrorist attack. In the past, audiences have seen Khanna in uniform in films like ‘Border’, ‘LOC Kargil’ and his portrayal of Hanut Singh is not exceptional. These actors in uniform are not seen in any over the top combat positions, thus making their portrayal of an army officer more realistic. As special appearances, Samir Soni as CM Choksi and Akshay Oberoi as Captain Bibek have impressive roles.

All cast members of the terrorist gang – their leader Abhimanyu Singh as Abu Hamza, his right hand Bilal Naikoo (played by Mir Sarwar), and the other four terrorists (Abhilash Choudhary as Iqbal, Dhanveer Singh as Hanif, Farooq as Farooq) Mihir Ahuja as Mridul Das and Umar) – has a good grasp of the local Pakistani-Punjabi accent.

After Abhimanyu Singh’s ‘State of Siege: 26/11’ based on the Mumbai attacks, this 112-hour combat drama is a fitting tribute to our NSG soldiers. This dramatic retelling may bring up unpleasant memories for some, but it’s worth a look.

Akshaye Khanna's SOS: Temple Attack is inspired by which real-life incident  and where can you watch it?
Watch State of Siege : Temple Attack Hindi Movie Review

Continuing the trend of reviewing shows and movies on OTT, our today’s pick is Zee 5 Hindi film Stage Of Siege – Temple Attack. Now let’s see how the film is starring Akshaye Khanna.


The film is based on the 2002 terrorist attack on the Akshar Dham temple in Gujarat. Some terrorists attack the temple and take many hostage. NSG commandos are brought in immediately. The team is led by Major (Hanut Singh) and the rest of the story is about how Hanut and his men risk their lives to kill the terrorists.

more points

The locations chosen for the performance of Akshar Dham Temple are quite good and create a tense atmosphere for the visitors. The way the film has been started and the entire terrorist attack is executed, it has been shown in an excellent manner. The first half of the film is very strong and its effect is good.

All the actors who play the role of terrorists are strong in their roles. Akshaye Khanna is back in the game with an action avatar and has done well as an NSG commando. He is the mainstay of the film and does well in action sequences. The battle of NSG and the way NSG deals with terrorists has been well portrayed.

minus point

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is its predictability. You know exactly what is going to happen next as all the scenes are quite predictable and regular. The canvas is big but the narration doesn’t grip you that much.

After the first half, the makers run out of ideas and the plot doesn’t budge much and there’s no twist. The ending is also quite regular and the other supporting cast look dull. Some well-known actors must have made things even better.

The emotional content of the film is missing in the second half. There are some logical errors as the producer has left a big terrorist alone to save the people of the country.

technical aspects

The camerawork is good as the visuals are clean. The action part is also good and the dialogues too. The production design is top-notch and so was the BGM of the film. Speaking of director Ken Ghosh, he has picked up a popular phenomenon and tried to weave a story around it. They have managed to show some good thrills in the beginning, but in all this, emotions and endings are tossed around leaving a mixed feeling for the audience.


Overall, Stage of Siege-Temple Attack is a film that has a familiar premise and regular action. The first half is full of good excitement but the second half goes for a toss and the end is quick and predictable. All those who love hostage drama can give this movie a shot but the rest can take it easy and look for something else this weekend.

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