Ward Wizard Electric Scooters To Sell 3,860 Units By Dec 2021

Ward Wizard In December 2021, Joy e-bikes sold 3,860 units – On the 10th of January 2022, new high-speed electric scooters will be unveiled.

Joy e-bike electric vehicle sales were 3,860 units in December 2021, according to Ward Wizard. The company is preparing to launch its first-ever ‘Made-in-India’ high-speed electric scooters in January 2022, as sales continue to rise. On January 10,2022, the Wolf+ and next-generation Nanu+ high-speed scooters will be unveiled.

Electric two-wheelers have had a good year in 2021. When compared to low base numbers the previous year, most businesses have been able to report significant increases in sales volume. For many people, personal mobility remains a top priority. People have had to make arrangements for daily commutes due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and the pandemic’s refusal to abate.

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In the previous quarter, 10,000 electric vehicles were sold

Ward Wizard Electric Scooters To Sell 3,860 Units By Dec 2021
Ward Wizard Electric Scooters To Sell 3,860 Units By Dec 2021

Two-wheelers are, as we all know, an important mode of transportation in India. And the price of gasoline has remained volatile. At the same time, the government is drafting policies to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles. Rebates on new electric vehicle purchases that meet certain criteria are being offered to encourage this adaptation.

People are now evaluating the initial cost savings on the vehicle purchase as well as the estimated cost savings on vehicle operating costs. In comparison to December 2020, YoY growth is reported to be 548 percent.

WardWizard sold 595 units in December of the previous year. In the first three quarters of FY22, the company has already sold 17k units. Joy e-bikes reported a 570 percent increase in sales from April to December 2021. The company sold 10,000 units in the third quarter of FY22 (October to December). For the company, this is a first.

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Demand for high-speed scooters is high

Ward Wizard Electric Scooters To Sell 3,860 Units By Dec 2021
Ward Wizard Electric Scooters To Sell 3,860 Units By Dec 2021

Electric two-wheelers are becoming a part of a large number of households in both urban and semi-urban cities,” said Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operations Officer, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. EVs are becoming the preferred mode of transportation for many new riders, thanks to the country’s green mobility revolution.

The company is launching their first-ever ‘Made-in-India’ high-speed scooter models at the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, in response to high demand for high-speed scooter models. To meet the growing market demand, the company will continue to expand its presence across the country while also making investments to help the electric vehicle industry grow.

For the time being, with electric two-wheeler sales on the rise, the space is beginning to gain traction. Increased interest is reflected in increased sales. Even more established companies are continuing to make acquisitions and invest in R&D alongside new age manufacturers.

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