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New Delhi: The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made people more cautious about health and well-being.

More and more individuals are drawn towards gyms or other forms of physical exercise for the sake of staying healthy. According to a Statista report, India has seen a rise in the importance of overall health, with the fitness sector’s revenue expected to reach 43.89 million dollars by 2022. A growing desire to remain healthy is the main motivator behind the rising readiness to spend money on health and fitness.

If you are someone willing to start a career in health and fitness, now is the right time. With the rising awareness for a healthy lifestyle people are now looking forward to fitness coaches that can act as a guide for them on their fitness journey by offering them physical exercise regimens, nutrition counseling that can gradually change their whole lifestyle.

Kickstart your fitness career Identify your niche: When it comes to starting a fitness career, there are plenty of options available. Here, the first step would be to pick an area that most appeals to you, such as exercise, diet, mental health, holistic health, or others. Once you’ve identified your area of interest, you may look up the courses that are currently offered in that area.

Enroll in a course: Once you have figured out the area of specialization that you want to pursue, the next step is to enroll yourself in the associated course and find the right institution for the same. When it comes to fitness institutes, there are plenty available in the market but you need to find out the right one for you. For instance, the FIT India Trust is a well-known institution that offers quality education to suit the needs of modern sports and fitness enthusiasts. Their certified courses like- ACE, CPT and CFT offers students a hands-on experience that gives them a thorough understanding of the exercise sciences, fitness assessments, exercise programs, planning, and implementation.

Master your specialization: Be an expert in your field and amass the necessary professional qualifications to give your profile more credibility. When looking for a fitness coach, people look for certified professionals; hence when starting your fitness career, make sure you master your discipline.

Key skills a fitness coach must possess Knowledge and expertise: Being a fitness instructor, your knowledge and experience are what sets you apart from others. Since people today place a high priority on their health, they seek out completely qualified fitness coaches. Your understanding of workouts, diets, and nutrition can help you stand out as an excellent fitness instructor in this situation. There are numerous institutions that offer individuals

information and comprehension of all available fitness strategies. 

FIT India Trust educates students on instructional and spotting methods, lifestyle changes, risk factors for serious illness, nutrition, and food. Additionally, they hold fitness-related workshops targeted at enhancing the student’s knowledge and comprehension.

Driven about fitness: You need to be passionate about what you do to make a successful fitness instructor. If you do not find working out enjoyable, there is no purpose of pursuing a career in health and fitness. Since you’ll be setting an example for your clients, you should be physically and mentally well.


Flexible strategy: Fitness professionals frequently adhere to their concepts of physical activity and fitness methods that they have been using for years. However, given that everyone’s degree of health and fitness varies, they might not necessarily apply to all. Therefore, it’s crucial for a fitness instructors to maintain a flexible approach and take their clients’ preferences into account. In order to help each individual reach their goal more quickly and efficiently, the instructor should tailor the fitness routine to their level of comfort and flexibility.

Find your fitness opportunity: When it comes to health and fitness, there are plenty of opportunities available. It is you who needs to narrow down those opportunities and figure out what’s best for you. The first step in beginning a career in fitness is to identify your niche and the best plan of action for it. Locating the ideal institution to advance your discipline is the next step. Knowing the right information about health and fitness is crucial since, without giving a real-life example of what can be accomplished via appropriate physical exercise and a balanced diet, no one will believe in you.

There is no denying the fact that consumers are more eager to spend money on health and fitness, with the desire to maintain good health serving as the primary motivator. So, if you are looking forward to make a career in health and wellness, the right time to begin is now.

Inputs by: Prateek Sood, Trustee, Fit India Trust.

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