Walter The Dog: Story Behind The Iconic Front Camera Memes

Since the inception of memes, animal memes have been popular. Funny images of people’s pets have gone viral, spawning a slew of memes. Many memes like these have been circulated for years and have left an indelible mark on the internet.

Doge, Cheems, Limecat, and Longcat are some of the most popular animal memes. Walter the Dog is one of the more recent animal memes to hit the internet. Although many people may not recognise Walter based just on the name of the meme, a photo of him has gone viral on social media in recent years.

Walter The Dog
Walter The Dog

The dog’s photo was shared on Twitter in late 2018. Because the photo was taken at an angle, he appears to have a large nose and no ears. People began to use the photograph to create amusing memes depicting the dog, who was dubbed Walter the Dog.

What made Walter the Dog famous?

The iconic snapshot was tweeted to the Twitter account @PupperNelson in September 2018 with the caption “when you accidentally open the front-facing camera.” The tweet has over 11,000 retweets and 58,000 likes, but the photo has been shared hundreds of times more.

In an interview with Know Your Meme, Victoria Leigh, the owner of the dog behind the meme, discussed her shock to her dog being popular.

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“At first, it was difficult to comprehend that hundreds of people had seen Nelson’s face but had no idea who he was or where the image came from,” she said of how the image spread.

Walter’s Real Name

Despite the fact that the meme is called “Walter the Dog,” the dog’s name is not Walter. Nelson is his real name. On Nelson’s website, Leigh writes, “When Nelson’s photo went viral, his identity was left behind.”

A meme can’t tell you everything there is to know about Nelson. Nelson is a bull terrier puppy who weighs around 45 pounds. He was born in July 2017, so he’s still young, and his viral photo was taken when he was just a puppy.

Nelson’s personality was discussed by Leigh with Know Your Meme. “I’m an introvert with social anxiety, so I’d rather avoid strangers,” Leigh explained, “but if we’re out for a stroll and someone else walks by, Nelson wants to be their best buddy right away.” “Within seconds of meeting someone, he’ll be begging for belly rubs. He’d definitely burst out laughing if he realised how many people adored him and wanted to pet him.”

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Nelson’s account on Twitter

Walter memes may be found all over the internet, but Nelson’s official Twitter account, @PupperNelson, is one of the greatest ways to locate them. Leigh has been photographing the iconic bull terrier for several years, long before the dog became an internet sensation.

Nelson’s Twitter was started as a “throwaway side account,” according to Leigh, but it swiftly became into much more. “When I decided to create a Twitter account for my pet in 2017, it was faster to reuse an existing account than to create a new one. “All I wanted to do at first was capture his puppyhood,” she explained.

Now, the account retweets Walter memes and provides updates on the well-being of one of the internet’s favourite puppies.

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Walter The Dog Memes

With popularity comes talk, and it appears that a dog is no exception. Nelson’s death was rumoured to have occurred in June 2020. Photos of a bull terrier with gunshot wounds were uploaded online, leading some to believe it was the dog from the Walter memes. Nelson was even mentioned in the paper, but don’t worry, he’s still alive and well.

The incorrect information became so widespread on the internet that Leigh decided to make a post to put an end to the rumours. “Greetings, internet users. I’m not sure where this photograph came from, but I’m delighted to report that Nelson is still alive. Billy is the name of the injured dog in the vet images. He was shot while defending his owner during an armed robbery, but he has since recovered,” she posted on social media.

If anything happens to Nelson, Leigh says she’ll post about it on his social media sites. For the time being, the dog appears to be content and living his best life.

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