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If you had thought that in a tropical and warm country like India, Vitamin D deficiency is uncommon or an aberration, think again! A study conducted recently by Tata 1mg Labs – a Digital Health Platform in India – showed that nearly 76% of the Indian population suffers from Vitamin D deficiency. The data was collected from tests of more than 2.2 lakh people which were conducted across 27 cities in India. While 79% of men overall were found with lower-than-desirable levels of vitamin D in their bodies, for women, the figure was 75%.

Foods to boost your Vitamin D levels

These startling figures make it all the more evident how essential it is to pay attention to a diet that would be rich in Vitamin D. Let’s check out the food items one should include in their daily diet to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

1) Eggs

Eggs are considered one of the highest natural sources of vitamin D. However it’s important to remember that only egg whites won’t do as the vitamin D in an egg comes from its yolk. Eggs are convenient to add to any meal – breakfast, dinner or lunch. However, don’t go overboard – eggs are also high in cholesterol content.

2) Fish

Some fatty fish like salmon and tuna are the best sources of Vitamin D. As per reports, salmon has by far the most Vitamin D in any food. 

3) Soy milk

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Don’t worry, you have options too! Soy milk is a very good source of Vitamin D, plant-based protein as well as calcium. Apart from milk, you can think of adding soy products to your daily diet.

4) Fortified cereals 

When cereals are ‘fortified’, it means they are replete with added vitamins and minerals to help us function well. So having fortified cereals like ‘oatmeals’ can be great for combating your Vitamin D deficiency.

5) Cow’s milk 

This is another great source of protein, fats, and other important nutrients. If it is fortified with Vitamin D, it can serve anywhere between 15-22% of the body’s daily requirements for Vitamin D, as per news reports.

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