Virgin River: This is why you should watch the Netflix show –

Virgin River has developed the following since the series debuted on Netflix in December 2019. The series earned a second season, developing the drama and romance that so eagerly attracted audiences the first time around. Now fans are wondering if they can unwrap another layer of the Virgin River series, or if the show is snatched from River heads like so many other shows before.

Publications lit up across the board this week, such as: Virgin River fans got an answer as to whether the ride along the river would end soon. Before we look at what the future holds Virgin River, let’s take a look at the journey that leads the series to the end of the second season.

This is why you should watch the Netflix show –

How it started

Virgin River started as a series of novels by New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr, who has written more than fifty novels over the course of her career.

She started dropping the drop Virgin River novels about readers as of 2007, and the series has spanned more than twelve years and has amassed more than twenty books. No wonder Netflix has chosen Virgin River up.

It wasn’t long before Netflix got wind of the Virgin River huge success of the series, ordering ten episodes in 2018. By September 2019, the first season had immersed audiences in Mel Monroe’s journey, living in Virgin River as a midwife and nurse, trying to work through her demons and make a new home for herself. Fans became enamored and wondered if Season 2 was on its way.

How are you

Virgin River addicted audiences so fast, in December 2019 Netflix had renewed the show for a second season. Alexandra Breckenridge returned as Mel Monroe, who had already had her dreams of quietly integrating into the small town of Virgin River, as drama and romance engulfed her life over the course of Season 1.

In Season 2, Mel faces a break-in, steamy cabin appointments, and the perpetual problem of getting over the death of her late husband Mark. The season ends with one of the show’s most intriguing characters, found on a barroom floor with a gunshot wound, leaving Mel behind a whole new set of problems she’d never experienced until the finale.

With such a gripping second season, Virgin River fans wonder if they can see Mel experience another season of drama in the mysterious rural town of Virgin River in Northern California. Luckily for fans, this week an announcement made clear the future of Virgin River.

Where it’s going

PopSugar reported this week that Virgin River will return this year for a third season on Netflix. The show will be streaming as early as July 9, 2021, and fans of the romantic drama couldn’t be more excited. The season will give fans ten new episodes, and some new faces will be added to the Virgin River cast.

reports say: The flash‘s Zibby Allen & saving hopeStacey Farber will be joining the show, with Allen as the regular series, while Farber would just have a recurring role. Netflix is ​​said to be guarding all the details about Season 3, but according to reports, the public can expect a sequel that is equally heartwarming and exciting for those who can’t get enough Virgin River.

It’s hard to say what we’ll see in season three of Virgin River, but fans can rejoice – ten new episodes are coming out and they’re only a little over a month away from release.

Are you caught up? Virgin River and ready for season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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