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Bizarre incidents at airports are quick to go viral on the internet. There have been multiple such incidents that have got massive attention online. However, this time an incident has gone viral that, instead of being bizarre, seems to be more on the side of being cute. The video showcased three cats of different colours flying with their owners. However, the origins of the video or the airport at which it was shot are not known yet.

Three cats are seen relaxing on the luggage cart as the video opens with the words, “It’s impossible to fly with three cats.” The cats on a plane are then seen in the next cut of the video. One is seen lazing by the window while the other is being given its preferred snack. The third person is taking in the scenery outside the plane’s window. 

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The now-viral video was posted by an Instagram user named pongecake_thescottishfold. The page often posts videos of three cats named Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut. There are multiple videos of the account showing cats partaking in various activities with their pet parent. The video was shared with the caption, “It’s actually the best! People often ask us how cat dad can travel alone with three cats. The truth is we travel as a family (cat dad, cat mom, and three cats). We get three air plane tickets in total.”

The video has now gained 1.5 lakh views on the social media platform and continues to get more. Besides, the comment section of the post is flooded with comments, many of them appreciating the video while others going ‘aww’ watching the video.

Appreciating the cat parent, one of the users said, “I think other passengers need to learn from them on how to behave while traveling. They should be made the mascots lots of love.” One of the social media users was curious about the airline the man was using to travel with his cats. He said, “Curious which airline allows you to do this since you have to have a name given for each seat, don’t they question that two seats could be in same name?”

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