Viral Video: A man climbed onto the roof wearing a garland worth Rs 20 lakh, notes were seen hanging till the ground, flowers made from Rs 500!

The wedding season is going to start soon. You must have seen one thing on the occasion of marriage. That is the garland of currency notes worn by the groom. Many times these garlands are made of fake notes, but some people even wear garlands of real notes. However, they are short in length and contain low value notes. But have you seen anyone wearing a garland of several feet long notes (Man wear 500 rupees note garland)? These days a video is going viral in which a person is wearing a garland of currency notes as long as a building.

Instagram user @dilshadkhan_kureshipur has recently posted this video. Qureshipur is written in his username, from this it can be inferred that this video (Currency note garland viral video) is also from the same village in Haryana. However, there is no information related to the exact location of this video. The viral video is shocking because a very long garland of notes is seen in it. It is written along with the video – Garland worth Rs 20 lakh.

A man seen wearing a garland of notes
In the viral video you can see that a person has climbed on the roof. Some people are also present around him. The man has a garland of currency notes around his neck. That garland is so long that it has fallen on the ground while hanging from the ceiling. People are also looking at this garland with surprise. There are 500 rupee notes stuck in the garland and the shape of a flower is also made from those notes. People usually wear such garlands in weddings. It is not clear from the video whether this is a wedding garland or not, but the garland is quite big.

Video is going viral
This video has received more than 1 crore views while many people have given their feedback by commenting. One said that it seems brother has won it on Dream 11. One said that there was no plaster on the wall, so the house would have been built first. One said that he also had to wear this garland. One said how will the person repay the loan now? One said that the person will definitely get married. One said that after watching this video the Income Tax Department will reach his house.

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