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Vikram Vedha movie story

Vikram Vedha is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language neo-noir motion thriller film written and directed by Pushkar-Gayatri and produced by S Sashikanth under their banner Y Not Studios. The film stars Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath, Kathir and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar while Prem, Achyut Kumar, Harish Peradi and Vivek Prasanna play supporting roles. Inspired by the Indian folktale Baital Pachisi, the film tells the story of Vikram (Madhavan), a police inspector, who sets out to locate and kill a gangster Vedha (Sethupathi). After Veda voluntarily surrenders, he tells Vikram three stories that alter his perception of the superior and the evil.

In January 2015, Shashikant revealed that he might produce a film directed by the husband and wife duo, Pushkar and Gayatri. After a year of revamping the script during 2015, Madhavan and Sethupathi were roped in to play the lead roles in February 2016. The main drawings began in November of the same year and were completed by January 2017. The film was mainly shot in the north. Chennai, the world is being used as its backdrop. Sam CS composed the soundtrack and ratings, PS Vinod did the cinematography, and the film’s editor was A. Richard Kevin.

Vikram Vedha was launched on 21 July 2017 and received positive reviews, with critics praising all the key points of production. Made on a fund of ₹110 million (approximately US$1,661,631 in 2017), the film performed effectively at the box office, grossing ₹600 million worldwide (approximately US$9,063,444 in 2017), albeit from implementation. difficulties have been encountered as a result of the adjustment. of goods and services tax. Vikram Vedha bagged 4 Filmfare, Vijay and Norway Tamil Film Festival awards each. Additionally, it received three Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards, two Techoface Awards and an Edison Award.

Vikram is a courageous and dependable police inspector who makes decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Veda is the legal one who understands the gray shades between good and evil. Vikram leads an encounter unit formed to eradicate Vedha. In an encounter, the squad kills some of Vedha’s henchmen, which prepares for the demise of a legal person killed by Vikram to avoid additional interrogation. When Santhanam, one of the youngest members of the unit, panics about this, Vikram calms him down by saying that he sleeps peacefully, finding out that the boys he shot were the culprits. Were. As the unit plans another encounter, Vedha enters the police station and surrenders. When Vikram interrogates Vedha, he offers her a story to tell.

The story tells of how Vedha became a gangster and drug smuggler. Vedha warns her younger brother Vignesh, who is called Puli because of his arithmetical expertise, to stay away from crime, however, Puli is forced to possess the drug by the rival gangster, Ravi. When Puli is caught by the police, he confesses, and Ravi is arrested. On the orders of his boss Sangu, Ravi attacks Puli, leaving a lasting scar on his hand. Vedha asks Vikram if he should kill Ravi or Sangu. Vikram replies that Ravi was a yantra; Sangu was the real culprit. Vedha says that the answer is correct, which means that she killed Sangu. Vedha’s lawyer, who appears to be Vikram’s wife Priya, intervenes and grants her bail.

Vikram learns that the unarmed man he shot was Puli, based on his handprints. Concerned that Vedha will possibly attempt to kill her ally and best friend Simon, Vikram rushes to save her. He finds him and Puli’s girlfriend Chandra useless. Superintendent of Police Surendra dismissed it as a failed encounter. Priya refuses to reveal Vedha’s whereabouts to Vikram, testing their marriage. Angered by this, Vikram storms Vedha’s house and manages to capture her. Vedha requests Vikram to focus on a different story.

The second story begins with Puli, now an adult, providing Laundered to invest Vedha’s revenue in stocks. Cheta, the owner of Vedha, invests Rs 50 lakh in this venture. However, Chandra is believed to have been kidnapped, and is short of cash. Chandra comes back and reveals that she stole money to start a new life but has returned because of her love for Puli. Vedha returns the cash to Cheta, who orders her to kill Chandra. Vedha asks Vikram whether he should respect Cheta and obey orders or disobey him and help Puli, which leads to gang war. Vikram replies that he should help Puli, to which Vedha agrees. Realizing that Puli’s innocence was due to him, Vikram stumbles for a moment. Vedha attacks and subdues Vikram, asking him to analyze the deaths of Simon and Puli.

Vikram begins his investigation with Simon’s informer who led him to Puli’s hideout. But seeing Cheta there, he rushes to find out that the informer has been murdered. He and his unit fan out and attempt to find the killer. Vikram takes a second to remember when he hears one of the many members of the Kerala Quotation Gang from the story of Vedha, when he uses the same swear phrase in Malayalam. He captures and fights Vikram for the gang member to virtually overcome him before he is shot to death by Santhanam. Vikram searches his room but finds nothing, which was very disappointing for him. He grabs a cigarette and smokes it, only to cough because the cigarette is filled with marijuana instead of tobacco.

He remembers the story of Vedha and realizes that Ravi had the same cigarette. He tells Vedha through a restaurant that Vedha and Cheta used to go, who brings Ravi to a deserted factory. Vikram comes to find Ravi overwhelmed by Vedha, who then tells the third and concluding story to Vikram. Vedha sent Puli and Chandra to Mumbai. He saw that only his men were being looked after by the police, not Cheta. Based on Ravi’s confession, Vedha says that Simon was paid by Ravi to kill his men. Vedha asks Vikram if Simon was right as he became corrupt to pay for the medical procedure of his seriously unwell son. Before Vikram can answer, Vedha kills Ravi and runs away.

Surendra and the unit arrived. He reprimands Vikram for letting Vedha run away once again. Vikram slowly learns that Ravi had also paid for the entire unit. Surendra reveals that Ravi had paid him to kill Vedha and that Chandra’s kidnapping had to get Puli out of Mumbai, which might have tempted Vedha into hiding. Guilt-ridden Simon went to save Chandra, however, the unit killed each of them. As the unit prepares to kill Vikram, Vedha reappears and saves him. A gunfight ensues, and Vikram disables his allies, who were only pawns, though kills Surendra. Vikram asks Vedha whether she should let him go or kill her to save his life as it is legal. The film ends with a standoff between them.


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