Urfi Javed Video: Topless and wrapped in Electric wire, Urfi displayed her most daring look to date

Javed Urfi Urfi Javed’s expression has once more sparked fear. She posted a video of herself wrapping an electric wire on social media.

Javed Urfi Urfi Javed’s lethal appearance causes the fans constant injury. She consistently astounds people with her impeccable sense of style. He has carried out a similar action once more. She recently shared a self-portrait video on social media in which she can be seen wrapping the wire. Yes, she has dressed herself in wire this time.

video urfi

In a video that Urfi Javed posted on social media, she can be seen initially working with blue wire but quickly transforming it into a dress. As soon as Urfi’s video appeared on social media, it quickly became popular. With her daring style, Urfi has once again driven people crazy. Once again, Urfi Javed has done something similar to surprise people with her appearance.

Just 25 years old, Urfi Javed

The fans are awed by Urfi Javed’s every glance. Even though many people are making fun of him, Urfi has some admirers who applaud his experiment. People instantly make every photo of them viral, whether it’s thanks to trolls or fans. Even though Urfi Javed is only 25 years old and very active on social media, her daily experiments are eagerly anticipated by her followers.

Fashion experiments by Urfi

Urfi never forgets to play around with her sense of style. Urfi now has a completely new and startling appearance. For her bizarre photo shoots, Urfi frequently makes headlines. You’ll be surprised to learn that Urfi is also an actress, but she garners more attention due to her unique wardrobe. She creates clothing occasionally using jute sacks, occasionally using glass, and occasionally using only photographs.

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