Urfi Javed Urfi came out of the house wearing a skirt and bra after cutting the saree, watch video

Urfi Javed’s Most Recent Video: Urfi Javed was recently spotted at Mumbai Airport, and her most recent look is quickly gaining popularity. In addition, Urfi Javed has explained why he changed the spelling of his name during this time.

Urfi Javed’s Viral Video: Actress Urfi Javed is constantly in the news for her statements and, on occasion, her clothing. Urfi has once again stated at the airport that his video is becoming increasingly popular. Urfi was actually spotted by paparazzi at the Mumbai airport. During this time, the paparazzi inquired about Urfai’s name change, to which the actress responded with an intriguing response.

The reason has to do with astrology

Urfi Javed has changed his name on Instagram from Urfi Javed to Uorfi Javed after wearing it for a few days. In such a situation, everyone was curious as to why Urfi did what he did. Urfi has now responded to this question and explained why astrology is used.

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Javed received this from Urfi

“I changed the spelling of my name because a numerologist told me that doing so would result in some progress and work,” Urfi explained. When someone tells you that you are very viral, the actress responds, “Going viral does not get you money.” Urfi’s adorable style is gaining a lot of attention on social media, and now her video is going viral as well.

dress with a sari cut

Furthermore, let us inform you that many churches are hosting events in honor of Urfi’s bold attire. Urfi created this skirt and bralette by chopping up an old sari. In such a situation, everyone admires Urfi’s creativity and admires his idea.

Urfi Javed, who is only 25, is a young man

Every photo and video of the actress is eagerly anticipated by her fans. Urfi’s latest look goes viral in minutes after she shares it with her fans. Urfi Javed is only 25 years old, but she is very active on social media, and her fans are always looking forward to her latest experiments.

Urfi’s fashion escapades

Urfi’s every pose becomes a topic of conversation on social media. The majority of these posts about Urfi’s strange photoshoot have remained in the news. Urfi is in the news primarily because of her unusual clothing, rather than her work. She sometimes makes clothes out of jute sacks, sometimes out of glass, and sometimes out of only photos.

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