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Urban Dictionary: Two decades old website is now showing craze among people, know why the trend is happening on Twitter?


Urban Dictionary Trend: In the age of social media, nowadays anything becomes viral.
Urban Dictionary Trend:

In the age of social media, nowadays anything becomes viral. Users keep on starting new trends every day, in which the participation of people increases as soon as they see it. In this episode, another trend that is becoming very viral these days is related to the crowdsourced platform Urban Dictionary. Let us tell you that in this platform, your name has such meanings and origins, which you would never have thought about.
Now people’s curiosity has made this dictionary trend on Twitter and they are sharing their reactions with others through screenshots. Through this people are trying to know the meaning behind their name.

What is Urban Dictionary and how does it work?

Urban Dictionary was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham of the US. This dictionary can be used comfortably in which you just have to go to the website and feed in your name to know the meaning of some words.

Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary

However, since the platform is crowded, take the result of your entry as a joke. According to a report by Marka, Urban Dictionary is very popular and successful and it was in the top 500 most used websites globally in 2017 by tracking software In addition, its database adds 2,000 new words everyday.

People gave funny reactions on social media

Even though this website is two decades old, but people have probably started using it properly today. User has shared many screenshots of the meaning of his name on social media, which are becoming fiercely viral. For example, Jordan means a person who usually has dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. However, there were some who were not particularly interested in this trend and wrote – ‘Nobody knows what your name means’.

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