Update on the PAN Card: A step-by-step method to downloading the E-PAN Card PDF in under 10 Minute

If you lose your original e-PAN card, follow these steps to get a PDF copy:

For all forms of financial transactions, a PAN card (Permanent Account Number) is required. Although the PAN is necessary for practically everything, carrying it with you at all times can be dangerous. You don’t want to lose it, therefore you enhance your chances of losing it.

PAN Card is an important document that assists the Income-tax Authority in keeping track of all financial transactions that may be relevant in determining an individual’s or company’s tax due. It also aids in lowering the likelihood of tax evasion.

If a person’s PAN card is lost, they may face a slew of problems. However, nowadays, e-PAN is permitted and accepted everywhere. This lowers the possibility of losing the PAN and allows you to carry it with you everywhere you go on your phone or digital device, making it more convenient.

The good news is that after filing a FIR, you can apply for a duplicate PAN card and receive your e-PAN after completing the application process.

A password-protected PDF of the E-PAN card can be downloaded. The E-PAN card PDF can be viewed by providing the password, which is your date of birth.

For PAN holders whose most recent application was handled through NSDL e-Gov, this e-PAN PDF feature is available.

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How to Get a PDF of an E-PAN Card

  • Go to the following website.

  • Select Acknowledgement Number or PAN from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your PAN card number, which is a 10-digit alphanumeric code.
  • Provide your Aadhaar number (Only for Individual)
  • Choose your company’s birth date, incorporation date, or formation date.
  • The GSTN number is not required.
  • Tick the box that says “I accept Aadhaar.”
  • Make any necessary changes to the captcha code and submit
  • If you’re using an acknowledgement number, you’ll probably need to produce an OTP.
  • Then, to download the e-PAN immediately, select the ‘download PDF’ option.

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