Unexplained Infertility – Know Its Causes & Probable Treatments To Get Pregnant.

Getting married to your special one is very pleasant for you. Both of you live happily with each other. And after a few years of your marriage, both of you decide to become parents and plan your parenthood journey. Both of you have frequent unprotected physical intimacy at the right time. However, you (female partner) don’t conceive.

You try a lot for more than one year. At the end, you decide to see an expert at the IVF hospital or your local city. During the interaction, your gynaecologist might say you have unexplained infertility and prescribe a few tests. Before you move forward to treat it, you should know why it happens and what treatment options are available. 

Causes of unexplained infertility 

Usually, there are some factors behind our health issues. And it is with your unexplained infertility. Here some causes that may affect your fertility:

  1. Tubal abnormalities – A few studies have shown that 25% of all infertility occurs due to tubal abnormalities. It is possible that you (females) have a blockage, or damage due to scar tissues. Due to which, you face difficulties in being pregnant even after many efforts.  
  2. Egg quality – You are different from other females. It is possible that you would have ovulation issues. You might not ovulate every month. To conceive a baby, you must have good quality eggs in good quantity. With ageing, egg quality and quantity in you starts decreasing. And this decrease can lead you to have fertility problems.  
  3. Ovarian failure – It occurs to a woman when her ovary stops functioning well. If you are above 35, you might be at risk of ovarian failure. The exact cause why it takes place is not clear till date. However, you can get rid of it by making a little changes in your diet and lifestyle.  
  4. Endometriosis – Any abnormalities might be an issue to your fertility. You need to get it diagnosed and treated when you find your efforts to get pregnant are going in vain.  
  5. Sperm – Sperm in your male partner’s semen plays a crucial role in making you pregnant after having unprotected sex. It is approximately 50% responsible for your infertility. As you (males) age, there is a decrease in the number, shape, motility, and functionality of your sperm. Even being good in bed with your female partner, you can’t make her pregnant.  
  6. Genes – There is a genetic connection with your infertility. If there is any bad reproductive health history with your mother, sisters, or even grandmas, you are at a higher risk.  
  7. Diet – Whatever you eat has a greater role in your overall life. And your fertility is not the one that lies without any impact. You are at a risk of infertility if you have an iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. A Harvard study suggests that a fertility diet can help you treat your unexplained infertility up to 80%.    

Treatment options for getting pregnant with unexplained fertility 

Unexplained infertility doesn’t mean you can’t be a mother or father of a cute and adorable baby. Both of you rush to a fertility specialist at a clinic or maternity centre when you notice any difficulty in your parenthood journey. The doctor will advise you a few tests to find the root cause. After going the test results, the expert can offer the most suitable treatment options that could be:

  • Medications – There is a prescription of medicines and supplements to boost your fertility. You or your male partner may require to take the prescribed medicines and supplements.    
  • Lifestyle changes – The doctor may recommend you stop consuming alcoholic beverages and quit smoking if you do.  
  • IVF treatment – As per your reproductive health condition, your doctor may recommend you to have 3-6 cycles of IVF treatment to conceive.  
  • Surrogacy  – You would have such a recommendation when you have untreatable tubal or uterus damage. The expert will fertilise your egg with your partner’s sperm in the lab and transfer the fertilised eggs into the uterus of a surrogate mother.     
  • Other options – The expert can advise you to go through IUI or take clomid/gonadotropins. 

Take away

There is no need to worry about your unexplained infertility. With it, you can become pregnant. You just need to consult an experienced and skilled fertility expert. Under his/her guidance and treatment, you will conceive and both of you will have a successful parenthood journey.             

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