Two small houses have been built in the middle of the sea, hot water will be available for bathing, no one is ready to live for free

In today’s time people have become very busy. In this busy life, people do not have time to take things for granted. Wherever there is a chance, people want to run away from the crowd. In such a situation, what if you get a chance to live in a house built on a small island in the middle of the sea, away from people? Perhaps you will agree to stay. But even if people are being offered Rs 10 crore to stay in the house we are talking about for a day, they are not ready.

Pictures of two small houses were shared on social media. This house is completely built in private. There will be no threat to your privacy by staying here. But no one is ready to live in the area where these houses are built. Despite the beauty, people are not ready to live here even after getting crores of rupees. This property is in Menai, an island separating Anglesey and Gwynedd in Wales. This small island is surrounded by water on all sides. These two small houses are built on this.

people did not like
This beautiful house built on this beautiful island is attracting people but could not convince them to live. One user wrote that who will sleep in this house. Actually, this house is surrounded by water from all sides. A little high tide and there is danger of flooding inside the house. Another user wrote that the person living in this house will have to keep a boat ready for himself 24 hours. If we talk about its history, it was in use till 1959. It was built in 1824 and fishermen used to do fishing from here. This house is one of the 20 fish traps built at this place. But in 1937, a 25-year-old woman died here. After this, these houses on the deserted island remained deserted.

fantasy island home
These fish traps were made for fishing

These facilities are available
There is no fresh water facility in these two houses. Apart from this, power from a car battery has also been provided for electricity. But recently engineers installed a new substation here and with its help, hot water for bathing has started being available here. Along with this, the facility of central heating has been provided to protect from cold. But even after these facilities no one is ready to live here. According to people, if there is life then there is world. Who will save them if the house sinks in the tide?

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